Why Invest in Rockwood Village Real Estate?

Located on the eastern side of Mississauga, Rockwood Village is a part of Rathwood, which is an officially designated neighborhood. It has the reputation of being a traditionally suburban location where all amenities are available and residents do not feel isolated from the rest of the city. It also enjoys close proximity to several parks and green spaces which includes Centennial Park. Rockwood Village is located to the east side of Mississauga, adjacent to the Etobicoke border. Its adjacency to Toronto makes this neighborhood a desirable one for residents who travel across the Greater Toronto Area frequently. Despite the suburban feel, the proximity of Rockwood Village to downtown Toronto allows the residents to have access to all local amenities. One of the main shopping centres is the Rockwood Mall, where you can find all your local amenities along with other shops and restaurants. The mall also features Chuck E. Cheese where you can take your kids out for a meal. The area has a series of green spaces and parks. Beechwood Park and the Rockwood Glen Park and two famous parks here and are located on the southern corner of the neighborhood. Both these parks are equipped with open green spaces while Rockwood Park even has a baseball diamond. Garnetwood Park in the northern side of the neighborhood also has a baseball diamond along with a softball diamond and a tennis court. Centennial Park in the northern border of the neighborhood is one of the busiest parks in the Greater Toronto Area and the amenities it provides are truly impressive. It is equipped with a golf course, a lake, go-cat course, ski hill, baseball diamonds, hockey arena and a stadium. The is the finest premium sports facility in the GTA.

List of New Condos in Rockwood Village Condos Neighbourhood