Stacked Townhomes

A stacked townhome can be defined as a cross between a townhome and a condominium in simple terms. Stacked townhomes are attached houses with every unit possessing their own front door. They also feature a two-storey design for the units where the dining room and kitchen are located on the ground floor while the bedrooms are on the upper floors. Living sections of the house do not have a specific layout and depend on the property and the builder. While some may have an open concept layout, the rest are segmented as in the case of regular townhomes. This is one of the benefits of a stacked townhome. Although it is a cross between a townhome and a condominium, the interior layout is more of a home and as a result is more spacious. One of the key advantages when it comes to a townhome is that they are more affordable as compared to other houses. The main reason behind this is that there are multiple units under a piece of land, which makes it easy on the builder and thereby easy on the buyer’s pocket. Stacked townhomes also have several more amenities and outdoor space as compared to condominiums. They usually come with rooftop terraces, front yards and backyards. While it may not be a common feature, some stacked townhomes actually come with underground parking as well to keep your car safe. Stacked townhomes also come with maintenance fees on a monthly basis. While you will have to shell out every month on things such as outdoor maintenance, gas and water tanks, the positive side to this is that the monthly maintenance cost is much lesser in townhomes as compared to that of a single family home. The reason behind this is the fact that it is a shared property and so the cost of maintenance is split among its residents. While privacy is a little price to pay, the savings on this is huge as taking care of maintenance on your own will definitely burn a hole in your pocket. Living with neighbours isn’t always a bad option as you will have someone to bank on while you’re away. This is especially ideal for people with pets as they can leave them behind under the supervision of their neighbours. Stacked Townhomes overall are a good investment and ideal for first time buyers due to their low price tag. 

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