Live In The Sky

Cranes fill the cityscape as we’re seeing a golden age of Toronto’s high rise building construction. Many people equate life in Toronto with high-rise living — and for good reason! The city’s development has seen its share of high-rise condominium buildings, especially in places like the Entertainment District. Toronto high-rise condos shape the skyline, and we’ve only seen the beginning.

A high-rise residential building is classified as a “tall building” by the City of Toronto, and this generally means that a building is taller than it is wide. One could also consider anything over 11 storeys as a high rise project because that’s the official cut-off for a mid-rise classification. If you’re looking for high rise condos for sale, particularly if you’re interested in buying pre-con, it’s good to be aware that they typically take longer to complete than other buildings.

Find New Condos By Major Intersection

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