Bracebridge’s Real Estate Market

Bracebridge Ontario is part of the Muskoka area, which includes Muskoka Lakes, Huntsville, and Georgian Bay. It’s one of a slew of popular towns for new and refurbished houses that might be used as rental apartments, retirement residences, or far-flung paradises for folks who work from home. It has a variety of small shops, each with its own Muskoka flavour and personality. In-town attractions include distinctive stores, a cosmopolitan selection of eateries, craft beer, and a variety of affluent and historic landmarks. Beyond the town’s urban core is a vast terrain that is stunning in all seasons, whether inhabitants and visitors choose to go hiking, boating, or swimming in the summer or spend their winters skiing and snowshoeing throughout the country. From waterfalls and bays to woods with hiking and bike routes, there are many magnificent sights and parks to visit. With a population of about 9300 people in 2016, the town has increased somewhat year after year, with many permanent inhabitants residing along the town’s main roadways. Residents are on average 47 years old, up 6 years from the province average of 41. It’s very popular among folks in their senior years. Since 2015, the average census household income in Bracebridge has been above $60,000, which is the highest in Muskoka.

List of New Condos in Bracebridge

Why Invest in Condos in Bracebridge?

Condos perfectly facilitate the demand for renters spending time up north in Bracebridge. Bracebridge is a popular retirement destination for those looking for a picturesque rural resort to spend their hard-earned retirement. It also promotes a robust rental economy, with temporary inhabitants prepared to pay a high nightly rate to stay in newly refurbished or brand new rural cottages on the seaside. In 2016, 30 percent of its people were renters, which does not include the large number of transitory residents who visit as tourists. Despite the fact that prices have risen with the tide, Bracebridge real estate remains more reasonable than other popular Muskoka destinations, without losing environmental quality. Bracebridge is not as popular as the Muskoka Lakes as a tourist destination, but it is not far behind other areas in the Muskoka region and can be expected to see significant growth in the years ahead—the Town of Bracebridge expects a nearly 50% increase in permanent residents from the 2016 census to 2031. Larger expenditures in the creation of a new multi-use community centre, as well as the critical fact that Bracebridge has a relatively low property tax rate, are all factors to consider. One of the factors that has kept real estate investment affordable has been the availability of homes that are not specifically on the waterfront, allowing these homes to avoid the high assessment rate that applies to lakefront properties— and Bracebridge’s geography allows for many more of these homes. Bracebridge is a good area for renting and retirement homes since it has a low tax rate, a high rental price, and a low vacancy rate.

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Bracebridge’s Employment Landscape

It’s only logical that tourism is the main industry of Bracebridge. The town has been revamping itself to better appeal to tourists since 2012. Despite being in the country, Bracebridge’s stoniness and topography limit the amount of suitable agricultural land. As a result, the town relies largely on tourism, and it has received investments in its industrial district, such as a $2,000,000 investment in a Bracebridge factory to help it create better-looking face masks. Bracebridge can feed Canada’s domestic supply chain with valuable commodities and materials because of investments like these. Fowler Construction, a highway and road construction company, is the main employer in town, followed by the hospital and government services. New commercial permits have exploded since 2016, as companies have begun to open shop and establish themselves between 2016 and 2021. As a result, Bracebridge’s top industries are construction and manufacturing, followed by health care and government administration.

Average Price of Condos in Bracebridge

Condos are the second most popular real estate development. New condos in Bracebridge cost between $415,000 for 1 bedroom to $490,000 for a 2-storey condo, but can range up to the $700,000s for premium waterfront property.

Travelling Through Bracebridge

Bracebridge is connected to the Muskoka region’s integrated highways and airport, making it easier to get in and out. The roadway airport is located 5 kilometres from Bracebridge. Highway 1 sees a lot of travelers travelling in and out. For more resident tourism, a car can travel directly north to south through the territory on Highway 11, which takes just over half an hour to get to Orillia and a little over an hour to get to Barrie. From there, drivers can follow highway 400 to Toronto, which will take around 2 hours and 20 minutes. All things considered, this puts it in close proximity to a number of large cities, with Barrie being the most convenient for commuting and Orillia’s Georgian College campus a half-hour drive away.

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