Lofts are one of the most unique residential spaces as they were former industrial spaces. Over time they are renovated and turned into living residential spaces and differ from conventional apartments. They often feature tall ceilings with exposed brick walls, beams and exposed pipes. Similar to studio apartments, lofts are also designed as a singular unit with a lack of internal walls. Bathrooms are, however, an exception and are kept separate from the main living area. Lofts in general are huge and have more room compared to conventional apartments. There are even some lofts that feature spiral vertical staircases to help reach the top areas which can be converted into bedrooms. Owning a loft has several advantages, starting with the fact that the open layout provides space for customization. The lack of walls and separation not only provides more room but also allows you to modify and customise as per your taste. For families, open rooms provide more space for your kids to play and run around. Lofts provide a modern and contemporary feel that you won’t find in regular condominiums. The exposed bricks add to the aesthetics, creating a modern yet minimalistic feel in your home. Apartments usually have a defined space which lacks flexibility; however, in a loft, the space can turn out to be whatever you want it to be. You can place furniture wherever you like or rugs to fill up the gap. You can even make partitions and have different types of room layouts. 

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