A bungalow can be defined as a one-storey house, cabin or a cottage. Bungalows are usually smaller in terms of size and square footage. They are made to be affordable and targeted at the working class group. Bungalows also usually have a second half or a partial storey which is then covered by a sloped roof. Bungalows are ideal for single families who are not ready to burn a hole in their pockets. Bungalows usually provide a sense of privacy without compromising on the price. They are also cost-efficient and easy to maintain as compared to detached houses or even semi-detached houses for that matter. The main reason behind this is the fact that bungalows have lower square footage which makes them cheaper to maintain. Bungalows are ideal for families with kids as having all the rooms on one floor also makes it easy for parents to monitor the kids. Bungalows also usually feature open concept layouts which is highly desirable in the modern age as it provides ample room for modifications and customisations. Open concept layouts also provide space for the installation of tall windows, thereby making the house feel more spacious and airy. Another factor to note here is that bungalows have lesser storeys as compared to other types of housing. This means that there is less space to clean and maintain, thereby saving you time and the expenses on maintenance without actually having to splurge while buying the house. Backyards are one of the desirable things when buying a house and getting a bungalow means that you will also have your own backyard. For those who have dreams of designing their own backyard, this is the perfect way to go about it. Last but not the least, bungalows have a higher retention and resale value as compared to its counterparts. This is mainly because of the fact that single floor plan homes are more difficult to come by. 

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