List of New Townhomes in Whitby

Getting Into Whitby's Real Estate

Whitby is ethnically diversified, having a population that celebrates a range of cultural events and festivals. When it comes to hosting public events, Whitby has a rich cultural tradition that extends beyond its own pioneering history. Annual town-sponsored events are the cornerstones of Whitby’s cultural expression. This includes events like ‘Food Truck Frenzy,’ where cuisines from different walks of life are offered at low costs in a small space. The Downtown Whitby Beer Fest is a similar event, when brewers from all around the region set up shop downtown Whitby to sample their wares. The Brooklin Agricultural Society also hosts cuisine, crafts, contests, and other activities to commemorate the region’s agricultural and pioneering past. Whitby, like the rest of Canada, was struck hard by the pandemic’s economic repercussions, but the town banded together to mitigate the worst of the effects and implement recovery strategies. Whitby is located along the picturesque beaches of Lake Ontario, providing inhabitants with access to the water, parks constructed beside it, and convenient access to marinas to get on it. It has almost 10 kilometres of shoreline walk alone, as well as a number of marinas, including the massive Port Whitby, which is surrounded by shops, restaurants, and live entertainment, making it a perfect hangout location. There is also a lot of greenspace in and around Whitby, with masses of green, mountainous, and wooded area around Whitby that has been turned into over 125 parks, providing Whitby 950 acres of active park land. Residents of Whitby’s pre-construction townhomes will have a variety of experiences depending on where they are located. Whitby is big enough to provide affluent living in northern, rural communities, as well as more urban-centric downtown houses and new townhomes along Whitby’s coastline.

Why Invest in New Townhomes in Whitby?

Whitby is one of the first major destinations for inhabitants of the Greater Toronto Area who are considering relocating outside of the metropolitan centre. Whitby has grown into a powerful city in its own right as part of the Greater Toronto Area, and it continues to grow in population as well as the particular amenities it can provide its citizens. It is one of the few regions of the GTA that can combine both the charm and culture of small-town life with the conveniences, services, and entertainment available exclusively in major urban centres, having been named one of MoneySense Magazine’s finest places to live. The city itself is changing in terms of appearance, having undergone a number of architectural and infrastructure upgrades. It provides a good standard of life for its citizens, with a relaxed atmosphere and innovative, forward-thinking brains in charge of culture and infrastructure. Even though the cost of new townhomes in Whitby is greater than the Durham area, it has a lower cost of living. Whitby is better suited for investment when the goal is to sell rather than rent the home or move in outright, as it has around half the population of renters as the rest of Ontario. Most of the GTA is within an hour’s drive for work and related travel, but a lot of jobs are either drastically lowering the number of days employees must be in a physical office or shifting totally online. This implies that a high-wage position that would ordinarily necessitate daily travelling to an office in downtown Toronto would only necessitate one trip per week, with the rest of the work completed from the convenience of a home office. Because of the surrounding small-town charm noted earlier, new houses in Whitby may be a fantastic attraction for this reason, while being close enough to attend the office when necessary. These are just a few of the factors that have fueled the mass exodus of residents from the GTA’s city centre that has been going on since the mid-2020s, with new townhomes in Whitby in the goldilocks zone of being just far enough away from ‘the city’ to avoid the crushing urban sprawl that many people are trying to avoid, while also being close enough that new residents don’t miss out on the benefits of the big city.

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Whitby's Employment and Major Industries

Whitby is located on the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), yet it is still near to Toronto. It’s close to the sea for manufacturing, linked to Ontario’s largest transportation networks for logistics and shipping, well-educated for science, bordering rural South Ontario for agri-business, and culturally rich enough to support a thriving tourist industry. Advanced manufacturing, clean technology, information and communication technology, and logistics are among the company’s major business categories. North American Steel, ABB Group, 360insights, and Ball Packaging are the top four firms on the list, representing these sectors in that order. Whitby’s economic sector is quite varied. Business & Finance, Education & Government, Management, and Sales & Service are the most common jobs, with Trades & Transportation coming in second. These numbers are identical to the province average, which has a similar industrial split. The most active sectors by number of workers are retail, manufacturing, education, and finance, with education being boosted by the many elementary and secondary schools, as well as college and university campuses in Whitby. Finance and business administration are likewise at record levels, owing in part to the fact that Business Management & Public Administration is by far the most popular topic of study for post-secondary education.

Average Townhome Prices for Whitby

Whitby’s real estate costs are among the highest in Durham Region. According to the Toronto Real Estate Board, preconstruction townhomes in Whitby have been a more popular real estate commodity than Condos, but less popular than detached homes. They have sold for an average of $931,863 with an average time on market of 6 days.

Getting Around in Whitby

Whitby’s location is one of the city’s major assets. Much of it is located along the picturesque Lake Ontario Waterfront, and as a result, it is served by some of Canada’s most important modes of transportation. The 401 runs through South Whitby, while the 407 runs through the Brooklin district of Whitby not far from there. Between Whitby and Oshawa, a huge network of secondary highways connects to Toronto, providing a variety of alternative driving routes that serve to spread out traffic and relieve congestion. Furthermore, Whitby is a member of the GTA’s robust public transportation network, having joined the Lakeshore West Go Rail line, which allows residents of Whitby to go to Toronto in around 50 minutes, which is comparable to a driving time of 55 minutes and avoids rush hour traffic. Metrolinx, the organisation in charge of most GO station upgrades, is also expanding Durham’s public transportation alternatives. Buses are now a primary focus in highway public transit infrastructure improvements, with a massive Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor running through Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax, Pickering, and Scarborough, connecting to UofT and beyond. In essence, a long route dedicated to fast-moving buses would give inhabitants of the GTA with quick public transportation that will allow them to go from one end to the other in comfort and convenience, while also improving bus transit and availability inside each city. Residents of Whitby may also drive north on Highway 12 to visit a number of big and small lakes and parks, as well as the beaches of Lake Simcoe, in about 50 minutes.

Education in Whitby

Whitby’s new townhomes are conveniently located near a range of post-secondary education and job training options. To begin with, Whitby is a part of the large transportation network of automobiles, buses, and trains that runs quickly from one end of the GTA to the other, allowing kids to travel to any school in the region of their choice. Durham College, Ontario Tech University, and Trent University’s Durham campus are the three major educational institutions in Whitby. Durham College and Ontario Tech University collaborate in the sense that they share campuses, buildings, and other services. From media and design to skilled trades, engineering, information technology, and healthcare, the institution provides a wide range of degrees. Ontario Tech University, or Ontario Tech, is located within the city limits of Oshawa, but is a short drive from anywhere in Whitby. Energy research, automotive engineering, IT, and humanities education are just a few of the university’s specialty areas. Trent University is more academically oriented, including concentrations in business, environmental studies and management, education, and cultural and historical studies such as Indigenous studies. All of these colleges also offer part-time programmes for those who want to further their education, using facilities that have been greatly increased since the Pandemic began.

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