Freehold Townhomes

A freehold townhome, often referred to as a row house, is a house that has attachments on both sides, meaning that it shares a wall on both sides with adjacent houses. The difference here however is that rules of a detached house are applicable in case of a freehold townhome as they do not consist of management fees, common areas or a condo board to take care of maintenance. As a result there are no maintenance fees which makes it easy on the pockets on a monthly basis. The low overall cost and monthly cost is one of the main reasons that freehold townhomes are famous among first time home buyers. Another advantage to a freehold townhome is that due to the lack or rather absence of condo fees, it is popular among entry level home buyers, thereby increasing the demand immensely. This allows the value of a freehold townhome to go up exponentially over time as compared to a condo townhome or other types of houses. There is no doubt about the fact that freehold townhomes are the best option for first time buyers who will probably move up in a couple of years. They are also ideal for home buyers who want the freedom and privacy of a house without having to actually pay the average price of a house. If you’re an investor, then this is ideal for you as well since you can be rest assured that your investment will offer positive returns as you do not have to worry about the monthly cost of maintaining it. Owning a freehold townhome also means that you have the right to do wherever you want to, be it a modification, an upgrade or even decorations during the holidays, as you do not have to worry about taking permissions or informing any authoritative body.

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