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Waterfront Condos in Toronto are one of the best ways to stay connected to the city while enjoying the view and everything else it has to offer. Imagine walking up to the beautiful sight of Lake Ontario while having all the luxuries and amenities around. Although it is hard to believe, the waterfront in Toronto was unutilized for several years. It is only in the last few years that developments have started coming up in this area. The waterfront is usually a long stroll or a streetcar ride away from the downtown core, however, investors have started to notice the potential it holds and have been utilising it for the last few years with several developments and revitalization plans. With the unique positioning of Toronto along the shores of Lake Ontatrio there are several waterfront communities throughout the city with each of them having their own perks. The Humber Bay neighbourhood is a good example which is located towards the east of the Etobicoke border. The condominiums here provide spectacular views of Lake Ontario. Majority of these developments are also a few steps away from the Humber Bay Shores Park as well as the Humber Bay East Park. Queen’s Quay is one of the famous waterfront neighbourhoods and includes a lakefront promenade that is popular among cyclists, dog walkers and joggers. This neighbourhood is just a few minutes away from the Financial District as well as the Union Station and is an ideal place for young professionals. 

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