Condos HQ Privacy Policy


Condos HQ realises how much of a blessing the internet has been in changing lives and making things easier for everyone. These benefits are however of no use if the personal privacy of an individual is at stake. At Condos HQ, we have committed ourselves to provide you with the best internet experience that will not only respect your personal privacy choices and concerns, but also protect them. We take information about our users in a collective manner and use them anonymously and in the aggregate. This is done to help us determine what is best for our users and constantly keep creating an experience that is constantly evolving with your needs.


Email Links

You will find an email address link when you visit our Contact Us page, where you will have the convenience of directly sending an email to us regarding any query you have. Our website reads all the messages that we receive and does its best to get back to you promptly. Besides responding to your query, we may keep a note of your email address for future references regarding the improvement of the overall experience of our website, or simply delete the information. Your personal information is secured with us and will not be traded, shared, exchanged or sold to any third party without your consent.
Condos HQ is the sole owner of the collected information and will not be sold, traded or even rented without your prior consent. Information is collected at several points on our website. The sole purpose for this activity is to help sellers market their properties better, to help buyers find the right home and to offer professional services to our customers.


Opting Out

Condos HQ provides you with the freedom to unsubscribe from our mailing list whenever you want. You will find an unsubscribe link with every mail from Condos HQ. You need to simply click on that link and you will be removed from our mailing list.

Personal Information

By accessing our website, you may be asked to provide your personal information such as your name, email address and phone number. This information along with any other information regarding our website visitors may be used for contacting the visitor as and when required or requested. However, this practice is used primarily to gather information that can help us market better in terms of selling the properties of other sellers, finding the right property for buyers and providing professional services to our clients. Condos HQ does not sell, transfer, trade, rent or exchange your personal information with anyone or any organization. Condos HQ does not disclose information regarding your visit to our website or any information that is acquired from you such as your name, email address, telephone number, etc. to any third party unless required by the law.

Legal Disclaimer

Condos HQ may share your personal information when it is required by the law or in the belief that by doing so it may comply with an order that is issued by the law or with legal process that is involved with our website.


Condos HQ may use cookies (Information stored on your hard drive by the site for record purposes) for a number of reasons including your usage of our website. These cookies help us in tracking the usage of our website by visitors. Condos HQ may utilize this information in order to improve and update the website for an overall better experience.
Advertisers that use our website for advertisements may use cookies. Condos HQ does not have control over such cookies.
Please be informed that you have the option of disabling the storage of cookies on your computer by simply adjusting the cookies settings on your computer. You may also be the recipient of cookies from developers and real estate agents. Condos HQ does not have control over these cookies.

Third Party Links

While navigating through our website, you may come across several links to other third party websites. These websites have their own sets of practices and policies with regards to online privacy. Condos HQ is not responsible nor has control over the privacy norms and the content of these websites. In certain cases, your personal information may also be asked by these advertisers. Condos HQ is not responsible for the privacy norms of these websites. The information provided by you can only be accessed by some of our employees.


Condos HQ will collect your personal information related to the services that you are associated with us for, as applicable by law. This information may be shared with developers and real estate agents in order to streamline the process and bridge the gap between them. Condos HQ may also share your personal information with third party service providers that are associated with us in providing services to you. You hereby provide your consent to Condos HQ for using your personal information for the purposes mentioned here. Condos HQ also holds the right to collect and share your personal information in few circumstances without your knowledge and consent if:

1) It is of interest to you and Condos HQ could not get your consent in a timely manner;
2) It is required and authorized by law to be disclosed to law enforcement or a government agency or both;
If you do not agree to these terms and wish to withdraw your consent, you may contact Condos HQ at the email address provided below. Condos HQ will then acquaint you with the implications of your actions.
In addition to these, Condos HQ may also seek consent from you for the purpose of using your personal information for reasons other than the ones mentioned here. Your personal information may be used for establishing contact with you.

Change Notifications

The policy mentioned here may be revised from time to time as we keep adding new details to our website. Condos HQ will share such information along with its source and also whether or not we will be sharing such information with anyone. You can keep checking our website to stay updated and check if we have made any revisions to our privacy policy. Condos HQ shall ensure to take prior consent in writing or through email before sharing your personal information for reasons other than the ones mentioned while collecting the information.

Security of Your Personal Information

Data transmitted over the internet can never be 100% secure and as a result Condos HQ will do whatever it can within its potential to protect the personal information you share with us. However, Condos HQ does not guarantee the safety of any information that is transmitted to it, including the ones that are done through the usage of our website. Once your transmitted data is obtained by Condos HQ, industry standards are used to protect the confidentiality of your personal information against mishaps such as loss, collection, modification, usage or such similar risks.

Condos HQ

Condos HQ takes utmost care in providing accurate information; However, Condos HQ is not liable for the misuse of any information provided on our website. At Condos HQ we do not directly represent the builders. The information present on our website is for your general use, information and reference only. The prices, specifications, promotions regarding the developments on our website are subject to change without any prior notice by the builders.