Investing In The Courtice Real Estate Market

Courtice is a countryside municipality in Clarington that provides its people with a real ‘country life’ experience, but does so through the development of neighbourhoods that comprise Courtice’s new residences. Courtice, located between Oshawa and Bowmanville and adjacent to highway 418, which connects to the 407 and 401 in minutes, is able to give a rural lifestyle while providing rapid access to all of the GTA’s attractions and career prospects. This means that many of its citizens commute to work, a procedure that can take close to half an hour or more. However, these residents will be able to go farther and faster once a new GO Rail station connecting the town to Ontario’s train network is completed, with Union Station at its hub. Although the majority of real estate development in the town is concentrated on single-family homes and townhomes, the development of preconstruction condos in Courtice will accelerate as the station nears completion, since more new condos are planned in the area. The town’s present residents are predominantly white, with a majority of European ethnic origins. However, the village is not entirely composed of elderly retirees. Rather than that, it has a greater than normal proportion of children and adolescents ages 0-20, with parents in their late 30s to early 50s raising them in predominantly single-family houses with a high median household income of $95,753 in 2015.

List of New Condos in Courtice

Why Should You Invest in Courtice’s Real Estate?

Significant expenditures have been made in Courtice’s real estate market development. For example, in June 2021, Greybrook Realty Partners invested about $20 million with other investors to create a massive residential neighbourhood in Courtice consisting of over 360 new homes. Courtice residents enjoy a picturesque, small-town lifestyle with easy access to an array of attractions throughout the Durham region. Courtice has set aside up to 54 acres for the development of preconstruction dwellings. This location is designed to be adjacent to route 418, which connects the 407 and 401. Other Courtice preconstruction home/townhome developments are following the same strategy—large acreages of land are being constructed to facilitate access to these highways or to cluster around the town’s new GO Rail station, which will provide people with easy access to job, amenities, and school. The town’s recreation centres and outdoor activities offer a variety of activities for people, from ice skating at the centres to hiking across the huge panorama of stunning foliage on approved trails.

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Employment In Courtice

As a part of the Durham region, Courtice inhabitants have benefited from the region’s 8.4 percent population growth from 2016 to 2019, and have access to post-secondary education through Ontario Tech University, Trent University’s Durham campus, and Durham College. Once the GO station opens, kids residing closer to the station will get access to the several schools located in the centre of Toronto. In terms of employment, much of it is and will continue to be located outside of town. Courtice is a community that offers a tranquil country lifestyle at the expense of frequent out-of-town trips for jobs or more significant amenities, with approximately 70% of its people commuting out of town for work. Around 55% of its population commutes for up to 30 minutes to work. 19% spend between 30 and 44 minutes travelling to work, while approximately 18% spend more than an hour.

Average Prices for Condos in Courtice

Courtice’s housing developments focus heavily on low density neighbourhoods of mixed single homes and row townhomes, although more tight developments which will include preconstruction condos are sure to come upon the completion of the railway. Without much active development, the current average price of Condos sits at $615,000. This price is set to increase as more condos are developed once the railway is done, as they will be a more popular housing option for those looking to live near the station with the ability to commute to work and events without needing to use their car.

Transit And Accessibility

Most Courtice residents commute by automobile and take advantage of the town’s proximity to highways 407 and 401, which are now simpler to access thanks to the new highway 418, which connects the two major roads with the town. These routes connect it to larger cities nearby, including Oshawa and Whitby, as well as rural ‘cottage country’ areas. Residents of Courtice have access to public transportation, which includes buses that run within the town and buses that connect it to neighbouring towns. While GO Transit has bus connections for longer distance public transportation, public transportation in Courtice is set to receive a significant upgrade with the completion of a GO Train station connecting it to Oshawa, Bowmanville, and other Durham region areas as well as Toronto and all other train-connected towns and cities in Ontario. The completion of this train station would extend people’ reach, making daily train trips to remote areas of the GTA possible where driving would have been problematic. By the time this train expansion is completed in 2025, additional condo complexes in Courtice will cluster around the station.

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