Condo Townhomes

As the name suggests, a condo townhome can be best described as a townhome with all the benefits of a condominium. One of the main characteristics of a condo townhome is that you will have to pay a maintenance fee which will go into the upkeep of the property as well as in maintaining its surroundings which are a part of the common area. Condo townhomes are the ideal choices for you if you are trying to avoid burning a hole in your pocket post the purchase of your new home in maintenance. Although a monthly maintenance fee is paid as in the case of a condominium, there are several advantages to it. First off, paying a maintenance fee in turn helps to cover large expenses such as windows and roofs. For homebuyers who are not ready to shell out big bucks for repairing or replacing a leaky roof, this is a good option as the maintenance fee will take care of all this. Secondly, condo townhomes are more affordable as compared to freehold townhomes and other types of properties. The reason behind this lies in the way condo fees are calculated. Condo fees are usually calculated into the overall carrying cost, resulting in the buyer having to put less money on the mortgage. Thirdly, condo townhomes are one of the best ways to afford a new house in an expensive area or neighbourhood. The location of a house always has a huge impact on its price. With a condo townhome, the price is always more affordable as several costs are split among the residents. Lastly, condo townhomes are always maintained by condo corporations, this means that most of the exterior maintenance work is taken care of by them. This includes things like cutting lawns or clearing snow in winter, which would otherwise be a hectic responsibility. Condo townhomes also provide a sense of community as you can always bank on your neighbours to look after your stuff while you’re away. 

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