One Roxborough West Condos

1 Roxborough St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Development By - North Drive

Pricing From
$4 Million

(469 votes, average: 4.9 out of 5)


One Roxborough West Condos

1 Roxborough St W, Toronto, ON, Canada

Development By - North Drive

Pricing From
$4 Million

(469 votes, average: 4.9 out of 5)


Building Type Condominium

City Toronto

Neighbourhood Summerhill

Development By North Drive

Development Status Pre-Construction

Sales Status Platinum Access VIP

Price Range $4 Million

Suite Sizes TBD

Avg. Price/Sq. Ft

Occupancy TBD

Storeys 12

Units 27


Parking Price TBD

Locker Price TBD

Maint. Fees TBD

One Roxborough West Condos

Envision a fresh endeavor seamlessly harmonizing with its environment, situated in the welcoming Summerhill community. Positioned at the crossroads of verdant residential avenues and a renowned high street, this project refrains from clamoring for attention. Instead, it radiates subtle assurance and meticulous intricacies. The undeniable quality is presented with understated elegance. At One Roxborough West, the true essence lies in the juxtaposition of the lively high street and the serenity of home, crafting a fusion of robust authenticity and the allure of natural beauty.


  • Immerse yourself in a new project seamlessly blending with Summerhill’s charm, positioned at the intersection of residential streets and an iconic high street.
  • A design exuding quiet confidence and intricate details, One Roxborough West harmonizes bustling high street dynamics with the tranquility of home, embracing rugged authenticity and natural beauty.
  • The facade responds to its context, presenting a sleek, clean envelope facing Yonge Street and a two-story podium at ground level, adorned with warm, textured red brick for a consistent visual language with the neighborhood’s shops.
  • Born from a deep appreciation for Summerhill, this project respects site characteristics, balancing the high street and home in its architecture and materials.
  • Meticulously crafted with 27 residences, offering functional layouts for convenient city living within the intimate Summerhill community.
  • Modern frontage facing Yonge Street and a private, green side embracing the neighborhood’s charm, featuring charming narrow storefronts on the ground floor and professional offices on the second floor.
  • Residents enjoy urban amenities with suites capturing both urban skyline views and the natural beauty of surrounding trees, contributing to a globally inspired aesthetic.
  • One Roxborough West invites you to embrace this neighborhood on your own terms.

Location & Neighbourhood

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Summerhill community, One Roxborough West enjoys a prime location at the crossroads of leafy residential streets and the iconic Yonge Street. This meticulously crafted project harmonizes with its surroundings, offering residents the perfect blend of urban dynamism and tranquil living. The immediate neighborhood showcases a charming high street character, complemented by boutique shops, eateries, and cafes, while providing convenient access to the cultural richness of Yonge Street. Residents can indulge in the essence of Summerhill, where city living meets a close-knit community, creating a harmonious and desirable urban retreat.

Features & Finishes

One Roxborough West stands out with its meticulous attention to features and finishes, embodying a sophisticated and modern aesthetic. The sleek facade facing Yonge Street and the two-story podium showcase a blend of clean lines and warm, textured red brick, maintaining visual harmony with the neighborhood. Inside, the 27 residences are thoughtfully designed for practical, sophisticated living, offering well-appointed layouts that capture both urban panoramas and the natural beauty of surrounding trees. The globally inspired design ethos permeates throughout, inviting residents to experience a harmonious fusion of elegance and functionality in every detail.

About The Developers

Specializing in crafting exceptional properties that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings, Northdrive demonstrates a dedication to aligning with the area’s history and meeting the discerning needs of buyers. Their commitment revolves around the creation of legacy buildings, exquisite interiors, and timeless developments, all underscored by a focus on transit-oriented design.

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