Semi-detached Homes

A semi-detached home can be defined as a family home that features a shared wall with the neighbouring home. Although this may seem likely to impact privacy, there are several benefits to having a semi-detached home in the Greater Toronto Area. One of the main benefits of buying a semi-detached house is the affordability. These types of houses are usually cheaper as compared to detached houses without having to compromise on the location or quality. The reason behind this is because it shares the lot with another development and thereby has an immense reduction in the price. Sharing the space as well as the duplication of the same house is what leads the builder to save and thereby falls cheaper for the buyer. Secondly semi-detached houses have the same network of electricity, sewage, water, etc. This also allows the builder to cut down costs, leading to the price of the property falling cheaper. Savings on money does not end only at the time of purchase as staying in a semi-detached house means that you have the option of splitting costs of maintenance with your neighbour since you share the lot with them. Maintenance cost is also reduced as you do not have to bear the entire cost on yourself and can split it among neighbours. Having neighbours around may seem like an invasion to your privacy; however there are several good sides to it. Having neighbours means that you always have a helping hand whenever needed. You can also stay relaxed when going for vacations knowing that your neighbours are keeping an eye out of your property while you’re away. This is beneficial in particular for those with pets as they have the privilege of getting a hand from neighbours while being away. 

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