Innisfil is a town in Ontario that is located approximately an hour north of Toronto and an hour south of Muskoka. This makes the town perfectly central between Cottage Country and the city. It is both a rural and an urban area that offers several local amenities which include Tanger Outlet Mall, big box stores, restaurants and a recreational centre that is fitted with a fitness centre, basketball court, hockey arena and an indoor pool. This town is known for its stunning landscapes as it is surrounded by stunning greenspaces and local farms where you can find fruits, vegetables, local eggs, grain-fed meat and honey. The town is also bordered to the west of Lake Simcoe, which is known as Innisfil Beach. During summer, you can find the beach filled with locals as well as visitors, enjoying the sun. You will also find barbecue stations and water-based activities. Besides all of these, a new development known as Friday Harbour Resort was recently launched which took almost a decade in the making. Friday Harbour is an urban oasis and a weekend escape close to the Greater Toronto Area, developed by Geranium Corporation and Pemberton Group. It is a resort-style development which features residential condominiums along with townhomes that back onto a man-made marina. It also includes a golf course, outdoor pool with a sun deck, fitness centre, grocery store, restaurants and retail stores. This town was chosen by the developers for this project owing to the vast vacant land that sits near bright blue waters along with its green oasis that is surrounded by trees and nature’s beauty. Residents and visitors have the luxury of enjoying this resort all year round. During Spring-Summer, there are tons of activities available in the water which include boating, wakeboarding, canoeing, kayaking along with regular sports such as tennis, golfing, volleyball and basketball. During Fall-Winter, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, hockey and skating are some of the activities available. Friday Harbour is the ideal place to live, eat, shop and play, while enjoying the mesmerizing views of Lake Simcoe.

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Why invest in Innisfil Real Estate?

Although Innisfil is big in size, current population here is still comparatively small. This town is almost the size of Mississauga and measures 262 square kilometers. While the population in Mississauga stands at 800,000, Innisfil holds a population of about 37,000. This implies that there is plenty of land that is unused with the potential for development. Real estate developers out here have already started to understand the upcoming opportunities embedded in this region and have already started working towards it. In the year 2016. Stats Canada had confirmed that Innisfil held a population of 36,566 residents, which was an increase of about 11 percent since 2011. Based on the information obtained in 2016, the amount of people that were employed stood at 20,135. This results in an averages employment rate of about 63.8 percent. Innisfil is regarded as a town convenient for commuting. About 82 percent of the residents in Innisfil have to travel to the city to get work. However, much change is about to happen as a new master-planned community called the Orbit is about to be developed within the course of the next few years. It will help in reshaping the community as well as bring more jobs while pushing up the population count.
The Orbit is one of the first masterplanned communities and smart cities to be developed here in this region. This upcoming development will make use of cutting-edge technology along with a responsive and secure fibre optic network that is embedded in the community. Investors can anticipate to accommodate about 150,000 new residents, at the same time including retail, recreational, office and community infrastructure.

This new project will be developed by Cortel Group, who will work in association with Innisfil. The designing will be done by Partisans, which is a renowned firm and the recipient of many awards . This proposal was created, keeping in mind Our Place, an Official Plan of Innisfil. It was started in the year 2017 and basically outlines the future plans for the town. This will look into growth of the population, promoting new businesses while , while at the same time ensuring that the community is connected and the preservation of the agricultural land is taken care of.

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The location of Innisfil is adjacent to Highway 400, which makes commuting to work convenient and fast. One of the most unique features about this town is the fact that it is in a partnership with Uber. This association is unique and was first initiated in 2016 when Innisfil was on the hut for an economical solution for public transit. One of the major challenges was the fact that there was too much land while the population of the town was comparatively very small. The plan of creating dedicated bus lanes seemed impractical as it would become too expensive. It was then that the Town Council decided to reach out to Uber to help in creating a transport solution and post that in May 2017, the introduction was done for the Innisfil’s partnership with Uber, which was termed Innisfil Transit. This offers passengers to travel to various location throughout the region for fare prices which included recreational complexes, train stations and employment areas. In addition to this, Uber was to take $5 for rides that either started or stopped at Innisfil. This partnership worked similar to Uber Pool, where residents were picked up from various location and dropped off at the same place. This plan seemed to be feasible and seemed like an excellent long term plan to tackle the transit issues. While the inhabitants of this town are making use of the incredible solution offered by Uber, a new GO Train Station is also on the way for this town. This route of this station will be based on the Barrie Line that transports commuters to Union Station from Barrie with stops at Innisfil, Vaughan, Newmarket and Bradford. The Innisfil GO Station will help in connecting residents to their work place or destination within no time. The Orbit Master-Planned Community will also be in close proximity to GO Station, making life convenient for all.

Average Prices of Condos in Innisfil

The average resale price of homes in the town of Innisfil which includes condos, currently stands at around $540,000 while the average resale appreciation rate for the past 10 years stood at 7.12 percent. The average rate for rent here is currently $1200, which is at par with most of the cities and towns in the Greater Toronto. There is much demand for condos here in the town of Innisfil, as the vacancy rate currently stands at 0.8 percent, making it ideal for getting hold of investment condos.

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