Regent Park

Regent Park is a neighborhood in Toronto which is located within Downtown Toronto’s east-end. It is bordered by Gerrard Street East to the north, Shuter Street to the south, River Street to the east and Parliament Street to the west. Although this area used to be a low-income housing community at one point, it is now undergoing a development phase. An estimate $1 billion dollars have been invested in the revitalizing project which is expected to take roughly fifteen years to finish which will involve massive transition and adjustment. The new and evolved Regent Park will comprise of a mixture of real estate infrastructure along with retail spaces and market condo units that are not only updated well but also affordable. This new project is expected to add a grand total of 12,500 new residences from where it stood previously at 7,500. In addition to these plans, a total of 465 jobs for local residents have been created which is aimed at bringing about social and economic change. 92% of the total sales in Regent Park consists of condos while 5% comprises of condo townhouses and 1% of semi-detached houses. The most common type of housing here are condos and most of the properties consist of one bedroom. The redevelopment phase will involve updating the currently present houses while bringing new ones as well. These new projects will help in increasing the density of the region. The neighborhood’s close proximity to downtown core also is expected to have a huge impact in terms of population and opportunities. Ingenious financing plans are also being offered to help the residents who have been living on rent to purchase condos from the new developments. This plan is also helping in change the housing mix from being fully subsidized to around 60% at market rates. The initial phase of the entire redevelopment process has already transformed certain parts of Regent Park into a modern and trendy community with townhomes and mid-rise to high-rise condos that have been recently constructed. One of the much things to look forward to is the fact that the redevelopment will turn Regent Park into a metropolitan wonderland but with an entry level price.

List of New Condos in the Regent Park Neighbourhood

Why invest in Regent Park Real Estate?

Regent Park has grown and possesses immense potential to become an investment hub for real estate savvy individuals. One of the main reasons to invest now is that properties are being offered at entry level prices in order to assist in the entire redevelopment process. Once the entire process is complete, the value of the properties will start seeing a rise in value. As per plan, the neighborhood will see new commercial developments too which in turn will generate hundreds of jobs. This will result in a huge influx of residents from all over the city as living and working in the same neighborhood is one of the main priorities of a working professional. Investing here will assure that you receive income every month through rent. There will also be no issue in finding a tenant as the neighborhood will be in huge demand considering the current rate of redevelopment.

Transit Options

Thanks to the Toronto Transit Commission, Regent Park has abundant transit services. There are several streetcar and bus services that travel through the neighborhood which provides the residents with direct access to nearby subway stations. Subway is one of the most convenient and fastest modes of transportation in Toronto and can help you connect to other parts within no time. For residents who own vehicles and prefer driving, the neighborhood provides easy access to the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway that can help connect to various parts of the city as well as to other parts of the GTA in no time.

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