Liberty Village

Liberty Village in Toronto is a neighborhood that lies on the western side of Toronto’s core, next to the heart of Downtown Toronto. It is bordered by Strachan Avenue to the east, Dufferin Street to the west, Gardiner Expressway to the south and King Street to the north. Although the neighborhood is urban, it still has a community feel to it because of its construction, making it a village within the city. Liberty Village has grown exponentially over the last few years in terms of population owing to the blend of urban stores, commercial retail, real estate and restaurants that have come up in the region. The neighborhood is known as a hub for high-tech companies as well as design and media businesses. The presence of these companies here is a blessing for the community as it provides jobs for the area’s increasing populace. The neighborhood once used to be the hub for industries, factories and warehouses but has now been transformed into a modern society with new condo developments. Condos account for 86% of the total sales in real estate here, followed by townhouses accounting for 12% and other houses at 2%. The most common type of property here are condos and majority of them have one bedroom. The average prices of real estate here over the last year stands at $450183 which is an increase over the previous year by 13%.

List of New Condos in the Liberty Village Neighbourhood

Why Invest in Liberty Village Real Estate?

Investment is one of the thriving trends when it comes to this neighborhood. Owing to its close proximity to downtown area along with its excellent transit services, the neighborhood is desirable for many young professionals. Another factor for the increase in population is also the presence of high-tech companies in neighborhood which leads to the generation of several jobs. For young professionals who choose to stay here, work will just be a few minutes of walk. Investing on a condo or townhouse out here will ensure that you are well funded through rent every month. The neighborhood being an urban village also draws young couples who want to plant their roots here. Property value for condos in the area have grown over the last couple of years. Investing now will not only assure you steady income through rent but also ensure that you get a great deal when you want to resell the property.

The present population of the neighborhood stands at approximately 42365 residents out of which 51% are homeowners while the remaining 49% stay as tenants. Majority of the residents here are aged between 25 and 44 providing a youthful vibe to the neighborhood. Residents here love to work hard and play hard resulting in the neighborhood having an ambient nightlife. To the south of this neighborhood is the grounds that is used for the Canadian National Exhibition. This is an annual event where you can find several things to do and purchase. This neighborhood is also home to the Toronto FC’s home field called the BMO Field.

Transit Options

Liberty Village possesses excellent transit system thanks to its close proximity to downtown core and the Toronto Transit Commission. Along King and Queen Streets you can avail streetcar services which run twenty-four hours a day. Bus services are also available in certain parts of the neighborhood which are within walking distance. GO Transit’s Exhibition Station too is within walking distance and can be availed to travel to other parts of the city and the Greater Toronto Area. Residents with vehicles who prefer driving can avail the Gardiner Expressway which borders the neighborhood in the south. This route can help connect to other parts of the city as well as in the Greater Toronto Area. The Lakeshore Boulevard too is in close proximity which can be availed through the Gardiner Expressway.

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