Lawrence Park South

Lawrence Park South is a neighborhood in North Toronto with a blooming market that is to become of the red hot destinations in the city. The neighborhood is bordered by Yonge Street to the east, Lawrence Avenue West to the north, Eglinton Avenue West to the south and some residential streets along with Avenue Road on to the west. Lawrence Park South is a residential neighborhood where detached houses account for 65% of the home sales. New condo developments are coming up and constitute about 26% of the sales while there are duplex houses too which constitute about 3%. One of the most anticipated projects coming up in the neighborhood is the Eglinton Crosstown LRT that is going to change the game when it comes to transportation. The neighborhood also has an excellent transit system but with the introduction of this, it will just become all the more convenient for commuting. Although Lawrence Park is known as a residential area, it has its commercial side too. Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue are both lined up several shopping and dining choices. These shopping and dining spots make it a desirable neighborhood for young professionals who like to have an urban set up within their neighborhood. There are also several schools and parks, making it ideal for families as well as for young couples who plan to plant their roots here and start a family soon. One of the major highlights here in this neighborhood is the Eglinton Park which features a number of sports fields along with baseball diamonds. There is also a community hall along with an outdoor swimming pool and an indoor skating rink. These facilities allow the park to host a wide range of sports events.

List of New Condos in the Lawrence Park South Neighbourhood

Why invest in Lawrence Park South Real Estate?

One of the most exciting aspects for investors is the upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT. Expected to be completed by 2021, this transit system will help in commuting much faster and conveniently compared to the current transit options available. The neighborhood already is quite an attraction for both families and working professionals owing to its location, availability of essentials as well as its excellent transport system. Lawrence Park also has several new condo developments coming up which are sure to attract families and young professionals from other parts of the city. This influx will lead to the availability of tenants if investment is done on some of the properties. Investing here will not only give you the assurance of a monthly income in the form of rent, but also provide a good return on your investment considering the rise in prices of real estate in Toronto over the last couple of years. Once the Eglinton Crosstown LRT services start, the Eglinton station will become a center for the TTC.

Transit Options

Lawrence Park South has an unbeatable transit system throughout the entire North Toronto and has plans of getting even better. The Lawrence Station and the Eglinton Station are both located in the north eastern and south eastern corners of the neighborhood respectively. The unique and convenient fact about these two stations is that they both connect to TTC’s Yonge-University line, making it easy for residents to commute. With the completion of the upcoming Eglinton Crosstown LRT project, the Eglinton Station is set to become one of the most crucial transit hubs in Toronto. Estimated to be completed in 2021, this Eglinton Crosstown will run along Eglinton Avenue and have a major impact on the streets, residences as well as businesses along the way. The Eglinton Station also will become the transfer station between the Yonge-University Line and the Crosstown line.

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