Leslieville is a neighborhood that is located to the east of the Don River. It is bordered by Coxwell Avenue to the east, Empire Avenue to the west, Gerrard Street to the north and Eastern Avenue to the south. The neighborhood is family-oriented and features mostly a working-class population. You will find several cozy homes with tree-lined streets, departmental stores and independently owned shops, giving it the feel of a small village. The neighborhood is also in close proximity to Downtown Toronto. Leslieville has recently started to transform from a working-class neighborhood to a playground of young and urban professionals. New condo developments, townhomes and high end lofts have started to come up resulting in a steep rise in property value and rent amount. The area currently has a population of approximately 23567 which continues to grow. The community has an average income of about $30886. 51% of the total population are homeowners while the remaining 49% consists of tenants. In Leslieville 39% of sales constitutes largely semi-detached houses while condos make up 20% and detached houses at 19%. The most common trend out here is two-storey houses where majority of them have three bedrooms. Leslieville is well placed in terms of its location as it is in close-proximity to Downtown Toronto, Lake Ontario and streetcar services. Ever since the decline of the industries in the Port Lands and eastern part of Don River area, Developers have taken up the opportunity to construct new condos here of mix use that will not only attract residents but also commercial investors which will in turn lead to generation of new jobs in the area.

List of New Condos in the Leslieville Neighbourhood

Why invest in Leslieville Real Estate?

When it comes to investment, Leslieville has just all the important qualities that an investor you would for. Starting from its location that is in close proximity to downtown core. Downtown core is one of the work areas in Toronto and having the neighborhood close to it has attracts a large number of working professionals. With the construction of new condos and townhouses, the population of the neighborhood has also seen a spike. This makes it a good opportunity for investors. If you plan to invest in real estate here, you can be assured of a regular income through rent. There has always been an exponential rise in the prices of real estate in Toronto and investing here assures you a good return. Besides these factors, the neighborhood is also a vibrant place with multiple places to eat, shop and socialize. Leslieville also has one of the best transit systems in Toronto and with its close proximity to downtown, it is a desirable location for many.

Transit Options

Leslieville features excellent transport facilities with Toronto Transit Commission buses that run along Coxwell Avenue, Eastern Avenue, Greenwood Avenue, Carlaw Avenue and Jones Avenue. 24-hour streetcar services are also available long Queen and Gerrard Streets. One of the most convenient fact is that most of these routes link up with the line of subway stations along Queen and Gerrard Streets ultimately allowing you to travel around the city effortlessly. For residents who prefer to drive, Lakeshore Boulevard is an ultimate option that provides hassle-free access to the Gardiner Expressway. Motorists can also avail this route to gain access to Don Valley Parkway and get connected to the rest of the city.

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