Stockyards District

Stockyards District is one of the rare neighborhoods in Toronto with a rich history that has influenced all of Canada. The residents here have a strong sense of community pride. The area mostly features low-rise residential housing along with big box stores; however, as the population in Toronto densifies and spreads outwards, the neighborhood is starting to witness a good share of condo developments. One of the many things this place has to offer includes abundant shopping experience which runs along the neighborhood’s primary roadway. Stockyard Districts mostly consists of detached houses which account for 38% of the entire sales in terms of real estate while condos too are slowly becoming prevalent and account for 33%. This neighborhood became a part of Toronto in 1909 and despite being a part of the city for over a century now, it still features its own identity and character. The residents strive to preserve the legacy of the neighborhood and are proud of its history. The area was once known as Ontario Stockyards, the biggest livestock market in Canada. This livestock market is also the influence behind Toronto’s infamous Hog Town nickname. Today, the landscape of the neighborhood has changed as the livestock market and the meat packing plants have been traded for big box stores and low-rise housing developments. The neighborhood has the reputation of being one of the most well-developed shopping destinations in Toronto. St. Clair Avenue West is one of the most notable locations in this regard as it features multiple shopping establishments such as Metro grocery store, Canadian Tire and Best Buy. The renowned Stock Yards Village too is located within the borders of this neighborhood. Within this large mall you have a wide range of departmental stores, restaurants and other establishments such as Homesense, Winners, Petsmart, Old Navy, Pier 1 Imports, Sport Chek, Roots and much more. Not only is this one of the best shopping destinations in Toronto, but the entire GTA.

List of New Condos in the Stockyards District Neighbourhood

Why invest in Stockyards District Real Estate?

Stockyards District has seen a rise in condo developments over the last couple of years as a result of the increase in population. There is no doubt about the fact that many people from the city have started to realize the pros of living in this neighborhood. Besides being one of the most sough-after shopping destinations, Stockyards District also has all amenities within walking distance, making it easy for running your daily chores. You can simply step out of your house and find everything you need all around you. Another factor that makes the neighborhood desirable is the world-class transportation services it offers. Commuting to and from this place is a walk in the park and as such most working professionals choose to live here. Investing in real estate here will ensure a good return while even ensuring you a monthly income if you choose to rent it out. The average price of a home over the past year was and approximate $866611 which is an increase of 6% over the previous year. You are sure to make a profit on your investment as the prices of real estate witnesses and hike every year.

Transit Options

Stockyards District offers some of the best transit options in Toronto. The primary transit facility here is the 512 bus which runs along St Clair Avenue along with the 89 bus along Keel Street/Parkside Drive. Commuters can avail these routes as it connects them directly to the TTC’s subway system through St Clair West Station and Keele Station. These two stations belong to two different subways lines, giving the residents the liberty to travel to any part of the city without hassle. Residents who prefer driving too are in for a treat as Keele Street provides direct access to the Gardiner Expressway. The entire city is connected through this arterial roadway and makes it highly convenient to drive from Downtown Toronto up till Mississauga within no time. The 401 Expressway too is a blessing for motorists as it can help connect them to the northern parts of the GTA effortlessly.

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