Upper Beaches

Upper Beaches is a neighborhood in Toronto that lies in the east end of the city. It is bordered by Danforth Avenue to the north, Kingston Road to the south, Victoria Park Avenue to the east and Coxwell Avenue to the west. This area was an under-developed stretch of land across Kingston Road, but with several condo developments coming up in the region, things look promising in terms of development and population growth. It is a quiet and an easy-going residential neighborhood which is neither one of the trendiest nor the most affluent, but has everything you need and provides a calm and serene environment for you to live peacefully. It has several boutique stores which are mainly proprietor operated. Upper Beaches mainly consist of semi-detached houses which account for 46% of the total real estate sales. This is followed by detached houses which account for 30% while townhouses account for a mere 10%. Two-storey houses are most common here and the majority of these properties consist of three bedrooms.
The average price of a house in Upper Beaches was $880,751 over the past year, which is an increase of 24% over the same term the previous year. The average freehold price was around $918,420 over the last year as compared to $595,684, which is the average price of a condo over the same period. Upper Beaches has a population of 21,215 residents. Out of the entire real estate of the region, 46% are owned while the remaining 54% are tenanted. The average income per family here is $86,582. As per the development plans for this part of Toronto, there will be several new condo projects coming up along Kingston Road, starting Victoria Park right up till Woodbine Avenue. The area will witness the addition of a minimum of 500 new homes which will not only trigger a growth in the population but also turn the neighborhood into an urban oasis.
New pre-construction condo developments are already on the way on every block and will be abundant in amenities. These developments are hoping to attract a series of younger populations from all over Toronto and remove the prevalent notion about this neighborhood lacking fun. The wide variety of real estate options here is a result of the diverse blend of lower, middle- and upper-class earners. There are real estate properties which are available in the densely residential areas around Kingston Road which are slightly less expensive compared to their counterparts which are further south toward The Beaches. The real estate prices here are about 15% less expensive compared to the Toronto average. This neighborhood if ideal for those who plan on making a home in a new and upcoming area. The market here is already taking a sharp incline, which makes it ideal to invest.

List of New Condos in the Upper Beaches Neighbourhood

Why invest in Upper Beaches Real Estate?

The idea of investment is often associated with a lot of factors such as location, transit options, amenities and much more. When it comes to Upper Beaches, one of the main factors that should help you decide on whether or not to invest is the abundance of public transportation which makes it highly convenient to commute to any part of the city effortlessly. This makes the neighborhood ideal for working professionals who need to commute on a daily basis. One of the other factors depends on the fact that the neighborhood is new and still under the process of being developed. This makes the cost of real estate projects out here significantly lesser than the average Toronto real estate prices. The market however has already started to see an incline and will go up shortly once all the new condo developments are in starting to take shape. Being a quiet neighborhood, it makes it ideal for people who like living in calm and serenity. This not only draws students but also elderly people. Investing here will ensure a good return on your investment as the prices of real estate are already starting to rise. You can also expect a monthly income by renting out the place for a couple of years.

Transit Options

One of the main highlights of this neighborhood is its excellent transit system. Thanks to the Toronto Transit Commission, the neighborhood is serviced with street level transit through areas such as Kingston Road, Woodbine Avenue and Gerrard Street East. You can also have the convenience of availing GO Transit services. A few minutes of walk away is the Danforth Station on Main Street where you can gain access to GO Transit services. Travelling a little further north also leads you to Woodbine Station and Main Street station which run along the Bloor-Danforth subway line. This can help commuters to travel to any part of the city with ease.
Residents with vehicles also have easy access to major highways, allowing them to have an easy time getting around Toronto and beyond. The Kingston Road is adjacent to the neighborhood and provides a smooth driving as well as a hassle-free commuting experience. The Lake Shore Boulevard, Don Valley Parkway and the Gardiner Expressway are easily accessible from the Kingston Road and can help in commuting to major parts of the city and in the Greater Toronto Area.

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