Why Invest in Upper Beaches Real Estate?

The “Upper Beaches” are a neighbourhood on Toronto’s east end. It is bounded on the north by Danforth Avenue, on the east by Victoria Park Avenue, on the south by Kingston Road, and on the west by Coxwell Avenue. Several new condo developments will be opening shortly, bringing new energy to the neighbourhood. The region’s population is around 22,000 people. Home ownership accounts for 46%, while rented housing accounts for 54%. The median average household income is $86,582. A minimum of 500 new homes will be built along Kingston Road between Woodbine Avenue and Victoria Park Avenue, thereby transforming the area into an urban paradise. These new developments, together with the neighbourhood’s population growth, will considerably increase the neighbourhood’s density while also establishing new local attractions.

List of New Condos in Upper Beaches Neighbourhood

Why Buy New Condo Developments in Upper Beaches?

There are new condo developments on every block. These new developments will bring a younger demographic to the neighbourhood and overhaul the reputation of the east end. This neighborhood’s unique mix of lower, middle, and upper-class income has affected its vast range of real estate choices. Houses in the densely populated areas surrounding Kingston Road are substantially less expensive than those further south toward The Beaches. This neighbourhood is generally 15% less costly than the rest of Toronto. Now is the best moment to invest in a new condo as the market is already on the way up. This neighbourhood is a beautifully nurtured setting of undeniable distinction, and investors and home buyers will come to appreciate it for its exceptional potential.

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Entertainment in Upper Beaches

The neighbourhood is known for its independent stores, many of which have been in business for decades. Neo is one of them, a long-standing business that sells womenswear for both casual and formal events. You can also find plenty of independent stores along Kingston. Rosie’s Fine Jewellery is one of them, and it’s the place to fix your damaged chains and watches. There are a handful of bookstores in the neighborhood, each with its distinct character. You may purchase, sell, or exchange books at The Great Escape Bookstore. Ella Minnow Children’s Bookstore is a teal-painted children’s bookstore with a bunny in the back. It will be difficult to leave either without making a purchase.

Average Condo Prices for Upper Beaches in 2022

While many new condos are being built, semi-detached houses still account for 46 percent of sales in the area, followed by detached houses (30 percent) and townhouses (10 percent). The most typical house is two stories with three bedrooms. The average price for freehold property was $1,252,000 and the price increased by 28% to $1,606,100 in 2022. The average price for condos in the area in 2021 was $724,500, the price increased by 44 percent to 1,046,800 in 2022.

Transit and Accessibility in Upper Beaches

Upper Beaches is easy to get about regardless of form of transportation. Traveling by public transportation is quite convenient in this neighbourhood, since there are roughly ten adjacent bus routes. The TTC provides street level transportation in areas such as Kingston Road, Woodbine Avenue, and Gerrard Street East. Danforth Station on Main Street also serves as a GO Transit station. A little further to the north, Main Street and Woodbine Stations are on the Bloor/Danforth subway line. Drivers have an easy time traveling around as well. They may travel across the city by using the Gardiner Expressway, Don Valley Parkway, and Lakeshore Boulevard. Walking is also quite practical for Upper Beaches property owners; fulfilling daily necessities is simple on foot, and many businesses are close by. Traveling by bicycle is simple in this section of town because the bicycle infrastructure is excellent.

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