Why Invest in Bloor West Village Real Estate?

Bloor West Village is a neighborhood in Toronto known for being one of the best places to live for families. It is bounded on the north by Canadian Pacific Railway, on the east by Runnymede, on the south by Bloor Street West and on the west by Jane Street. This neighbourhood has all everyday amenities within walking distance, making it easy for its residents to fulfill all of their needs. There are many schools in the neighbourhood that are also within walking distance, making it convenient for both children and their parents. This is also one of the reasons why Bloor West Village is a popular choice for families. Investing in it can provide high returns of rent too.

List of New Condos in Bloor West Village Neighbourhood

Why invest in Bloor West Village real estate?

The majority of residents in the neighbourhood live in detached houses, however due to the various new condo developments in the neighbourhood, there is an increasing number of locals who live in condos. Bloor West Village provides you the impression of living in a village within a metro. This beautiful mix of tiny town and metropolitan centre offers the perfect combination: a sense of community while still providing the urban conveniences on which we’ve grown to depend.

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Bloor West Village Education

Bloor West Village has a strong sense of community; it’s home to a number of excellent schools, making it a popular choice for urban families wishing to be close to the city while still living in a neighbourhood with a sense of belonging. There is also Swansea Town Hall, located just south of Bloor St, is a community centre in Swansea that conducts events and seminars for children, adults, and seniors. Yoga, children’s music lessons, Zumba, Mommy Connections, ballroom dance, babysitting courses, tai chi, Belly Bootcamp, and book club are just a few of the activities available. In addition, Swansea Town Hall conducts a regular after-school study club for pupils in grades 3 through 8.

Average Prices for Condos in Bloor West Village

The population of the neighbourhood is presently 9,632, up 0.8 percent from the previous year. Last year, detached homes represented sixty seven percent of sales, while semi-detached homes contributed twenty nine percent. A freehold home costs an average of $1,216,444, while a semi-detached house costs $895,150 and a new condo costs $404,976. The average household income in this neighborhood is $114,519. Bloor West Village has consistently been a popular real estate market, with persistent low inventory levels.

Bloor West Village Transit & Accessibility

This neighbourhood features multiple public transportation options, making traveling simple for its residents. High Park Jane and Runnymede are three subway stations in the neighborhood that are served by the Bloor/Danforth subway line. There are also multiple bus routes that link Bloor West Village to other areas of cities. The Annette bus route is available to those who need to get to Dupont Station. Jane Street, Runnymede, Windermere, and Bloor are also served by different bus routes. For car owners, thLakeshore Boulevard, Queen Elizabeth Way, e Gardiner Expressway, and The Queensway are all convenient ways into and out of the city.

It doesn’t take long walking around Bloor West Village to notice that this is a family-oriented neighbourhood. Expectant parents, young children, pets, and strollers are all common sights. Families enjoy the playground, outdoor ice skating rink and wading pool at Beresford Park. High Park, a 399-acre parkland, is just a short walk away. High Park is a relaxing place to spend the day because of its open green space, playgrounds, splash pad, zoo, outdoor pool, picnic places, Grenadier Pond, and dog park. Visitors from all over the city come to High Park every spring, to enjoy the abundance of cherry blossoms!

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