East Bayfront

East Bayfront is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Toronto which has 55 acres on land on the waterfront of Toronto. It is bordered by the great Lake Ontario to the south, Gardiner Expressway to the north, Parliament Street to the east and Jarvis Street to the west along with Jarvis Slip. East Bayfront is a multi-utility neighborhood that consists of shops, offices, public spaces and a large growing number of new condo developments. One of the most desirable features about the condos here is coming home and walking up the stunning views of the lake. The neighborhood consists of most amenities within reach without the need of using vehicles. There are multiple projects coming up in the neighborhood including an additional 6000 residential units out of which will be 1200 affordable homes. Some of the new projects even include commercial spaces and major arts-and-culture-focused development for organizations such as George Brown College and OCAD University. The neighborhood is expected to have a commercial space of about three-million square feet that will attract corporate investors and new employers which in turn will generate thousands of jobs. East Bayfront is also home to the famous Sugar Beach Park where you can just take a day off and watch the sun go down.

List of New Condos in East Bayfront Neighbourhood

Why invest in East Bayfront Real Estate?

There are a number of projects coming up in the neighborhood. Some of these projects include commercial spaces that will draw several corporate investors. As a result, the neighborhood will soon become a commercial hub that will add approximately 8000 jobs in the area. With the development of several condos in the area, East Bayfront will be a desirable location for professionals. A Google-affiliated company called ‘Sidewalk Labs’ had recently chosen East Bayfront as its ‘technology-based neighborhood’. This new technological innovation in the neighborhood will feature things like – robotic waste-removal vehicles, self-driving cabs, modular housing and weather mitigation features. Considering these points, East Bayfront is an ideal place for investing in real estate. Another important factor is that 32 percent of the population are homeowners while the remaining 68 percent are on rent. This gives you assurance of a steady income through rent. Besides professionals, this neighborhood is also desired for its location. The breathtaking view of Lake Ontario and its central location make it a place worth investing in.

Transit Options

Commuting is a walk in the park when it comes to East Bayfront. There is a variety of public transportation available here. The TTC buses run along Parliament and Sherbourne which further connects you to Line 2 of the subway services. There is also Queen Quay streetcar services that were recently expanded. This takes you directly to the Union Station from where you can travel to most parts of GTA. For residents with vehicles, the Gardiner Expressway serves as the northern border of the neighborhood. This route can be used to travel around the city and reach your destination within no time.

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