Cabbagetown, Toronto

Cabbagetown is a neighborhood in Central Toronto and is regarded in North America as the largest continuous area where Victorian housing is still well-preserved as per the data possessed by Cabbagetown Preservation Association. The name is derived from Irish and Macedonian immigrants who had moved here in the 1840s. The inhabitants of this town were so poor that they would grow cabbage in their front yard and that is how the town got its name. Today the neighborhood consists of the old Victorian houses along with modern condos coming up. The neighborhood is located around Parliament Street which is a commercial hub of the region. Out here there are multiple amenities available such as shops, restaurants, cafes and much more. House on Parliament is one of the well-known restaurants in the area and features a warm wooden interior.

List of New Condos in the Cabbagetown Neighbourhood

Why invest in Cabbagetown Real Estate?

Cabbagetown’s location is one of the main factors that make it a good investment opportunity. The central location of the neighborhood makes it convenient for people who work on either side of the city. It also serves as an advantage for couples who work on different sides of the city and are looking for a central location. The central location also ensures that there are adequate transit services that can take you either way. There are also major highways that pass through the neighborhood, making it easy for motorists to avail.
Cabbagetown is quiet and gives its residents an urban living experience without having to live amidst skyscrapers. Although it used to be largely inhabited by families, it is now slowly an ideal for working professionals who need a central location in the city for quick access. There is no question of loss when it comes to investing in Real Estate out here. One point being that Toronto’s Real Estate keeps soaring and the other being the fact that this place is in huge demand.

Transit Options

Thanks to its central location, Cabbagetown offers several transit options, making it easy to travel to any part of Toronto without any hassle. Besides regular buses that ply, you will also find streetcar services that connect you to the subway line which can further take you to the rest of the city. These lines pass through Financial District, which is a major professional region. The line further goes till North York. Motorists on the other hand have been gifted with the Don Valley Parkway and its adjoining highways which can take them to far off corners of the city within 30 minutes. Some of the places along these highways include Scarborough Town Centre, Financial District, Islington City Centre and North York Centre.

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