The Junction

The Junction is one of the unique neighborhoods in Toronto that has over the years managed to maintain and preserve its appeal and original small-town charm. It is bordered by St Clair West to the north, Annette Street to the south, Keele Street to the east and Runnymede Road to the west. One of the unique features about this neighborhood is its central location that makes it ideal for commuting to other parts of town effortlessly. The neighborhood gets its name for being a literal junction where several railways lines would intersect. Prices of real estate has not hit the area as much as it has in the other regions of the city. This has influenced the influx of a diverse group of people ranging from families to couples, young professionals and even artists. The present-day population of the neighborhood is around 14,015; however, this is expected to further grow due to the numerous condo developments that are coming up in the area. The average income in the neighborhood is $64,158 per household. The cost of renting a one-bedroom condo apartment here is approximate $1,246 while a two-bedroom condo apartment may go up to $1,679 roughly per month.
The Junction neighborhood in Toronto largely consists of detached homes which account for 38% of the total home sales. This is followed by condos which account for 33% of the total sales while semi-detached houses are least popular and account for only 12% of the total sales. Most of the residences in this neighborhood consist of 2 storeys along with three bedrooms. The average price of a real estate property in The Junction was $827,149 over the past year, which is an increase of 18% over the previous term. The average price of a condo over the past year stood at $30,850 as compared to $1,107,026 which is freehold cost over the same time period. The Junction neighborhood has witnessed several newly built condos that are coming up in the last few years. Its history of being an industrial transit hub is getting buried underneath its future as one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Toronto. Although it used to be regarded as one of the sketchier parts of the city, signs of life can be seen at every corner of The Junction now. If you are looking for an off-the-cut neighborhood, then The Junction is the ideal place to be in. Its history has appealed to a vast variety of residents which has in return helped in creating a robust sense of community and identity. One of the main highlights of this neighborhood is the Runnymede Healthcare Centre. The facility here emphasizes on those living with complicated medical conditions along with those who require rehabilitation services.

List of New Condos in the The Junction Neighbourhood

Why invest in The Junction Real Estate?

Investing in real estate in The Junction neighborhood can be one of the smartest decisions ever made. Multiple factors need to be considered before investing in real estate which include location, availability of tenants, transit options to name a few. When it comes to The Junction neighborhood, its central location within the city makes it an ideal place to reside in for working professionals. The abundance of public transport along with the short distance from major commercial hubs make it favorable to reside in. Another important factor that needs to be considered is the price of real estate here. Prices haven’t hit this region yet as much as it has throughout the entire city, making it affordable compared to the rest of Toronto. There is no guarantee that prices will stay this way and as such it is now a good time to invest while the prices are still reasonable. Research has shown that the prices of real estate had an 18% hike over the same term for consecutive years. This provides you with all the more reasons to invest now before the prices go further up and expect a good value for your property in a few years’ time. The neighborhood also offers you several properties to choose from while investing. You can go for the most prominent type, which are the detached homes or simply go for a condo apartment which is more popular among young professionals. The continuous development of condos in the neighborhood also promises growth in its population which makes investing now an ideal option. Post investing, you will not have any issue in finding a tenant with the current rate of growth of the population. You will have the luxury of generating income on a monthly basis through rent. You can also expect a much higher value for your property in a few years’ time considering the trend of growth in real estate values in Toronto. The Junction is rapidly turning into the next happening neighborhood in Toronto and thus makes sense to invest in real estate now while the market is still inexpensive. This is definitely a move that you will not regret.

Transit Options

Commuting in and around The Junction has been made easy thanks to the Toronto Transit Commission’s bus services. One can avail these services on Dupont Street, Keele Street, Dundas Street, Symington Avenue and Lansdowne Avenue. The most convenient feature about these bus services is that they can help you connect to the two prominent subway lines in the city. While the Keele and Symington bus routes help you connect to the Bloor/Danforth subway line, the Dupont and Dundas bus routes help in connecting you to the Yonge/University subway line. In a way, you can travel to any part of the city from this neighborhood without any hassle. Residents who own vehicles and prefer driving to public transportation can avail highways to get to their destinations in no time. Motorists can avail Keele Street which stretches on to the Gardiner Expressway and the Lakeshore Boulevard. These highways can help you connect to the downtown core and also to other parts of the city within no time without having to worry about traffic. The Gardiner Expressway and the Lakeshore Boulevard also help residents of Toronto in getting to other parts of the GTA without any hassle.

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