Trefann Court

Trefann Court is a neighborhood in Toronto that has a huge impact on the city’s government structure and history. One of the things that characterises this neighborhood is the abundance of row houses on small lots which are lined up on the streets. Trefann Court is a mixed-use neighborhood which largely comprises of residential housing along with an excellent transit system. This area is also surrounded by some of the most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods in Toronto. It used to be once known as a part of Cabbagetown and till date retains the old Cabbagetown’s spirit. The city of Toronto was burdened with increasing housing through urban renewal projects post the 2nd World War. These projects had targeted low-rise housing for demolition in order to accommodate high-rise residential buildings to increase density and abolish the housing crises that was gripping Toronto in the 1950’s. Most of Cabbagetown was targeted for this purpose and as a result Trefann Court was scheduled for renewal in 1966. The city found the need to relocate the working-class residents of this area and had offered to pay them for their homes at market rate. This became an issue not only because of the weak market at the time but also because of the housing crises. The city was not prepared to find new homes for these people and without the guarantee of a new home, it would be no time before the residents of Trefann Court could possibly end up on the streets. It was then that a young lawyer by the name of John Sewell took up the cause. The legal battle that had started on the note of proper compensation for homes eventually resulted in rescuing the entire neighborhood. This also brought forth a new political movement in Toronto, which prohibited the city government from dictating the site of urban renewal projects without inputs from citizens. This move returned power back to the local residents and also helped in reshaping the city of Toronto. It also helps in reshaping neighborhoods such as St Lawrence.
The tradition of conserving the neighborhood’s culture still forms an integral part of its architecture. The area mostly features low-rise housing which consists of both Victorian era raw housing as well as new townhomes that blend in with their older counterparts. Preservation is important to the residents, which is the reason condos that have ben established here and mainly old warehouses or industrial buildings that have been converted into live/work spaces and lofts. Condos are starting to emerge in the neighborhood and are expected to blend in with the neighborhood along with its surroundings. One of the best features about Trefann Court is that most of the dynamic neighborhoods in Toronto such as Riverside, Corktown, St Lawrence, St James, Distillery District and Leslieville are within walking distance from here. This ensures the availability of all amenities you need around you. A few steps from your house is all it takes to get what you need without having to use vehicles. Each of these neighborhoods have their own charm and can together provide everything you need. This neighborhood has a proud tradition of conserving their heritage which is one of the reasons why most of the new condo developments blend in well with the old surrounding Victorian-era homes.

List of New Condos in the Trefann Court Neighbourhood

Why invest in Trefann Court Real Estate?

Trefann Court unlike most neighborhoods in Toronto is rich in culture and heritage as the residents too take it seriously in maintaining the same. One of the main perks of living in this neighborhood is the close proximity to other surrounding neighborhoods. This not only plays an important factor when it comes to commuting but also in terms of amenities. Neighborhoods like Riverside, Corktown, St Lawrence, St James, Distillery District and Leslieville are located in close proximity within walking distance assuring you of getting whatever you need within a few steps from your house. This also makes the neighborhood ideal for working professionals whose daily routines include commuting. Trefann Court also offers you with a wide range of real estate properties to choose from ranging from Victorian era homes to new developed condos and even townhouses. The neighborhood has its own feel of class and elegance owing to the abundance of Victorian homes. Real estate prices in Toronto is something that witnesses an exponential rise annually, which favours investment. The market not only promises you a premium return on your investment within a few years but also provides you with the option on getting a monthly income through rent if you put it on rent. The neighborhood also witnesses an expansion in its population which has been estimated to rise even further. This also ensures the availability and abundance of tenants which you will not have to worry about.

Transit Options

The accessibility to public transportation is one of the bets features of Trefann Court. The neighborhood’s southern border is defined by Queen Street East which is densely serviced by public transportation. The 501 route in particular is very convenient as it employs both buses and streetcars. There are bus and streetcar stops available throughout Queen Street East as well as Shuter Street which can transport you to any part of the city effortlessly. The neighborhood is also adjacent to the Don Valley Parkway, making it highly convenient for residents with vehicles who prefer driving. The Don Valley can also be used to access the Gardiner Expressway. Not only do these highways help you in commuting within Toronto, but also helps in commuting to other parts of the Greater Toronto Area as far as Mississauga.

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