Summerhill is a neighborhood in Toronto that has earned the reputation of being one of the most affluent areas in the city. Although the origins of the neighborhood go way back in the city’s historic beginnings, it has managed through the years to maintain a distinctive community till this day. The neighborhood is bordered by Farnham Avenue and Jackes Avenue to the north, Pears Avenue and Davenport Road to the south, Mt. Pleasant Road and an escarpment to the east and Avenue Road to the west. It is also bordered by the old CPR railway and Yonge Street to the south east, giving the neighborhood an irregular shape. Summerhill gets its name for the elevated seasonal residence that was built by transportation baron Charles Thompson in the year 1842. It wasn’t until post the establishment of the North Toronto Railway Station when Summerhill started to develop slowly as a residential neighborhood in the form of tracts of row houses and railway labour cottages. It was only in 1954 when the opening of the TTC Summerhill Station took place that it started to grow as a residential neighborhood again. The neighborhood mainly consists of detached homes, contemporary townhouses and condos which are low-rise in construction. Summerhill today is considered as one of Toronto’s fastest growing and developing neighborhoods. Summerhill is undergoing major transformations with the development of new condos in the area. There are also several proposals for the construction of corporate towers here which will turn the neighborhood into an ideal place to work, play and live. Summerhill is one of the many neighborhoods which collectively make up Toronto’s Waterfront, which in turn is on its way to undergo major changes. The waterfront of Toronto is one of the most unused pieces of land in North America which has been identified by real estate developers who are now beginning to notice the immense potential of the area for high rises. Investors will soon start seeing several real-estate developers along with big corporates who will start acquiring land to build master-planned communities along Queens Way. As per the development plan, the Waterfront will soon see 40,000 new residents coming from other parts of the city. The neighborhood will also include 40,000 new jobs to cope up with the increase in population. The neighborhood first started back in the 1800s and has been growing immensely since then. Initially this area was used for industrial sites and transportation due to its close proximity to the railway lines as well Lake Ontario where goods would be shipped.

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Why invest in Summerhill Real Estate?

When it comes to investing in real estate, Summerhill Toronto is one of the most promising places in Toronto. The fact that this neighborhood is a part of Toronto’s Waterfront, makes it highly desirable to live in. Besides the view and the environment, the neighborhood is one of the most affluent areas in Toronto and investors are now starting to see the potential and invest in both residential and corporate projects. This will in turn lead to the generation of thousands of jobs. Summerhill will see a huge influx of young professionals as working and living in the same neighborhood is an important factor. This neighborhood lies right in between two of the most important neighborhoods in Toronto – the Entertainment District and the Financial District. This makes it easy for those working in the Financial District to commute to work on a daily basis. Post work, there is always an option to chill out in the Entertainment District which is the adjacent neighborhood. The area also has several post-secondary schools including the OCAD University’s Waterfront location and the CMU College of Makeup Arts and Design. The Ryerson University along with the University of Toronto too are located in close proximity and can be reached within 15 minutes using a streetcar. The neighborhood also offers a plethora of amenities such as restaurants, nightlife, entertainment as well as retail. Post investment, you will not have to worry about finding a tenant as you will get loads of options ranging from young professionals to even college students who are looking to stay nearby. Another reason to stay in this neighborhood is its connection with the Toronto PATH System which is one of the largest underground shopping complexes in the world. You can be assured of finding tenants each time and will be guaranteed of a monthly income through rent.

Transit Options

Summerhill features one of the best transit systems in Toronto. The Union Station, which a large intermodal transportation hub, is only a few steps away can be used to commute to other parts of the city. Subway services can be availed from here along with multiple GO trains which can take you as far north as Barrie and as far south as Niagara Falls. There is also the much-anticipated Waterfront LRT that will pass through here. This line will connect commuters from Long Branch in Etobicoke right up till the Union Station across 11 kilometers. Along this line, commuters can connect to other lines as well such as the Yonge-University Line, the Bloor-Danforth Line and the anticipated Eglinton Crosstown line. Residents who prefer to drive are also in for a treat as the Gardiner Expressway is runs through the neighborhood. This route can be availed for driving to other parts of the city as well in the GTA.

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