West Don Lands

The West Don Lands is a neighborhood in Toronto that is located in the southeast end of the city. It is a master-planned community that focuses on the people and is environmentally sustainable. This neighborhood is bordered by King Street, Parliament Street, the Don River and Gardiner Expressway. West Don Lands is a thirty-two-hectare stretch of land that was formerly an industrial site. It has now been converted into a sustainable pedestrian-friendly, combined-use, lakeside community. The revitalized West Don Lands consists of 6000 new residential condominium units, adequate commercial and employment space, elementary schools and two infant care centres which are surrounded by almost 9.3 hectares of public spaces and parks. Most of the buildings here are mid-rise condominiums which consist of glass, steel and grey limestone that have been designed to fit in with the surrounding landscape and architecture. The housing mixture here includes condominium units and townhomes. This neighborhood is attracting multiple developers who have the desire to influence the landscape and identity close to Toronto’s waterfront. This part of the city’s skyline will be filed with thoughtful, yet simple and stunning structures that will affect the surrounding area effortlessly.
West Don Lands largely features condominiums which account for 93% of the total home sales, followed by condo townhouses which account for only 7% of the total sales. Condo apartments are the most common here and most of the properties consist of either one or two bedrooms. The average price of a home in the West Don Lands was $530,218 which was an increase of 10% over the same term the previous year. Playfulness and authenticity are some of the major highlights of the West Don Lands that makes it stand out among the other neighborhoods in Toronto. There are several places in and around the neighborhood for dining, retail and cultural offerings. This is also one of the features of the West Don Lands that attracts a younger demographic which include singles, couples, small families and young professionals. This also might just turn out to be convenient for forward-thinking and trendy seniors who could get used to the convenience, closeness and easy access to the downtown core. This neighborhood has been planned to accommodate people from all age groups who are looking to live, work and play in a community that is vibrant and in close proximity to the Toronto waterfront and downtown core.

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Why invest in West Don Lands Real Estate?

Location, transit services and availability of amenities are some of the things that a person looks into before moving into a new place or neighborhood. When the same question arises with regards to the West Don Lands, there is no doubt about what it has to offer. Located close to the waterfront and downtown Toronto, the neighborhood is desirable for the younger demographic which includes young professionals, couples and even small families. The abundance of amenities in and around the neighborhood negates the need for using vehicles to run daily errands. The neighborhood also has much to offer in terms of entertainment, attracting the young population who believe in live, work and play. The proximity along with the abundance of public transport also allows professionals to travel conveniently to work on a daily basis and save time in the process. One of the main reasons however lies in the fact that the neighborhood is still in its process of developing which makes the prices of real estate here lower compared to the Toronto average. Post the development of several condo projects the neighborhood has already seen a hike in the prices of real estate every year. Condominiums are also the most common type of property in the neighborhood, accounting for 93% of the total sales. This provides you with several options to choose from based on your taste and preference. You will also not have any trouble in finding tenants as the neighborhood is in high demand among the young population. Investing now ensures you a great price and a premium return on your investment a few years from now. You will also have the option of receiving a monthly income if the property is rented out.

Transit Options

Transit services is one of the best things that the West Don Lands has to offer. Residents living here enjoy world-class transportation services and as a result it is very convenient to commute to and from the West Don Lands. A brand-new streetcar called the 514 Cherry is dedicated to the area and helps in connecting you to places like King Street and Shaw Street. Residents can also avail the Yonge-University subway line by taking the 514 Cherry Streetcar right up till King Station or St Andrew Station. Transit services are available just 5 minutes away from homes and commercial places here, making it easy for residents to commute on a daily basis.
Thanks to the Toronto Transit Commission, residents of the West Don Lands also have easy access to bus services within the neighborhood. With the debut of the new streetcar, some changes have also been made to the bus routes. The 172 Cherry route has been stopped and is now replaced by the 121 Fort York-Esplanade route which passes along The Esplanade right up till the Distillery District, extending service to Fort York and CityPlace. The 72B Pape bus route also provides direct bus service from Pape Station right till Downtown Toronto.
Residents of West Don Lands with vehicles preferring to drive are also in for a treat as the Don Valley Parkway and Gardiner Expressway are adjacent to the neighborhood. The quick access to these highways allows residents to travel to any part of the city within no time without having to worry about being stuck in a jam. These highways also provide quick access to several places beyond the city in the Greater Toronto Area such as Etobicoke and Mississauga.

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