List of New Condos in Church & Wellesley Neighbourhood

Why Invest In Church & Wellesley Real Estate?

This city, which was formerly known for its parties and clubs, has developed into a safe, friendly area for inhabitants who identify as straight or LGBTQ. This neighbourhood is at the centre of everything downtown Toronto has to offer, with the thriving Bloor Street just a few feet away and Queen’s Park and the University of Toronto nearby. Since then, there has been a lot of construction, and alongside the original Edwardian and Victorian-style residences, we can see numerous condo projects in Church & Wellesley are coming up. For those who desire to escape the city without actually leaving it, the neighbourhood offers the impression of a tiny urban community within a major metropolitan area.

Why Buy New Condos in Church & Wellesley?

The neighbourhood’s vibe has changed and developed over the past ten years. Due to the addition of several new luxury townhomes and high-rise condos, the residential growth has increased rapidly. Condos make up 96% at Church and Wellesley, with other condos and co-owned apartments making up the remaining 2%. The most prevalent type of apartments are condos, and the majority of homes only have one bedroom. simplicity, intelligence, and beauty. a location in the centre of Toronto from where you can easily access the entire city. Why not take advantage of the chance to call this neighbourhood home in a community with a spirit, a pulse, and a history?

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Lifestyle In Church & Wellesley

Church and Wellesley, a downtown-like neighbourhood, exudes a highly groovy vibe all year long, showcasing its distinctive culture and population in the stores, pubs, and streets. However, Pride Week, which culminates in the annual Pride Parade on the final weekend of the month, brings the neighbourhood to life the last week of every June. The same weekend also features the annual Dyke March. Church and Wellesley’s nightlife is centred on Church Street, where most bars pump and strobe into the small hours. As is to be anticipated, the neighbourhood comes alive after dark. Numerous apparel stores, other retailers, cafes, bistros, restaurants, lounges, and galleries may also be found close to the intersection of Church and Wellesley Streets.

Average Price Of Condos In Church & Wellesley

During the previous year, the average cost of a condo in Church & Wellesley was $550,802, while the average cost of a freehold was $1,578,800. Condos, apartments, and numerous exquisite Victorian homes are still there. The rent for Studio/Bachelors typically cost $1,000, while 1-bedrooms cost $1,500, 2-bedrooms cost $2,100, and 3-bedrooms cost $2,700. Church and Wellesley have a 1% lower average rent than the rest of Toronto when compared to the TO average. $563,482 was the average price in Church and Wellesley for the last year, a 20% rise over the same period the year before. Many people may argue that Church and Wellesley is now out of reach for renters, the truth is that the area’s rents have caught up to the downtown average. Due to this neighbourhood’s appeal and popularity, demand is driving rents even higher.

Transit In Church & Wellesley

The sheer quantity of desirable intersections that line this neighbourhood’s western borders is a noteworthy feature. This is where Yonge and Gerrard, Yonge and Carlton, Yonge and Wellesley are all. The TTC is the preferred mode of transportation due to its ideal location and ease of access via the Wellesley, Sherbourne, and College subway stations. The streetcar travels via Carlton Street, while buses travel along Wellesley, Sherbourne, and Yonge Streets providing an alternative means of public transportation. Considering that there are designated bike lanes, many locals also opt to travel by bicycle. Getting around is simple because of the neighbourhood’s tidy streets, parks, parkettes, and well-lit alleyways.

Historic Victorian and Edwardian houses from the 19th century can be found in the Church and Wellesley neighbourhood. Over the past ten years, the neighbourhood has seen tremendous residential growth. Church and Wellesley is a safe and friendly neighbourhood that will continue to expand with the city because it is so close to the best neighbourhoods in the city, including the University of Toronto, Yorkville, and the Annex. The neighbourhood is filled with a mixture of elegant townhomes, high-rise condos, and old residences.

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