List of New Condos in Glenorchy Neighbourhood

Investing in Glenorchy Real Estate

The thriving city of Glenorchy, often known as The Preserve, is expanding quickly. Plans for long-term development revolve around the idea of a neighbourhood with close-by green areas, squares, shops, and facilities. This community has a self-contained small town vibe. Sixteen Hollow is a residential enclave that is often regarded as a component of the Glenorchy neighbourhood. It is tucked away in a wooded area. Every demographic looking for newer homes in a convenient location can find something in Glenorchy, including first-time homebuyers, professionals, young and older families, empty nesters, and investors.

Why Buy New Condos In Glenorchy

Glenorchy, which was formerly abandoned, has subsequently recovered and is now a well-liked destination for families and couples to dwell. This neighbourhood is growing with relatively affordable homes thanks to recent development. Families will value the abundance of nearby public and private schools as well as the family-friendly shops and eateries. Playgrounds, sporting venues, and other attractions abound as well. Residents of the Glenorchy neighbourhood in Oakville take pride in the area’s greenery, which includes a sizable neighbouring parcel of property that Conservation Halton manages. Along the walking pathways that wind through this neighbourhood, you can see wildlife as well. You can bet on finding spacious public areas here, but you won’t have to travel far to find shopping centres and restaurants from around the world. It is simple to drive to Toronto because the neighbourhood is close to a major highway.

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Entertainment & Recreation In Glenorchy

The pathways in the Natural Heritage System are ideal for exploring and seeing wildlife. The North Park and Sixteen Mile Sports Complex features hockey, of course, as well as fitness classes, sports fields, splash pads, and other amenities. The common places to go for grocery, retail, chain stores, and take-out or restaurant meals include the Oak Park Smart Centre, the Fortinos Plaza, or the RioCan Centre. Each has plenty of parking. The neighbourhood is peppered with specialty stores and services in residential street-level retail outlets. Glenorchy is an area that resembles a village. Everyday life smoothly combines work, home, and leisure. It’s the ideal neighbourhood for its active and “on the go” folks because everything you could ever desire or need is right outside your door. Sixteen Mile Sports Complex also offers a range of summer events. Its cutting-edge quad pad arena is one of its many highlights. The dine-in Puckz Pub looks out over two of the ice surfaces, The Natural Heritage System and North Park & Sixteen Mile Sports Complex, for a little extra enjoyment.

Average Price Of Condos In Glenorchy

The average cost of a condo in Glenorchy ranges from $600K to $1M. Townhomes cost between $1 million and $1.5 million, while single family homes are valued between $1.5 million and $2.5 million.

Transit In Glenorchy

The average driving time between Oakville and Toronto is between 30 and 50 minutes, however since the QEW/403 is the main thoroughfare, plan on this time increasing during rush hour. Glenorchy residents may readily reach the 407 ETR. During rush hour, an express train runs between Oakville GO and Union station, skipping all stations past Clarkson and reducing travel time by around ten minutes. The all-stops take 42 minutes to travel to important locations like Exhibition. Glenorchy is built on a grand plan of luxury urban centre residences blended with corporate employment lands and buildings, giving the city a broad range of architectural styles. Reputable builders started work on a newer North Oakville neighbourhood in 2012 with an eye on future growth over the following 20+ years. Glenorchy is home to both enormous and modest two-story detached, semi-detached, big to modestly sized townhomes, and condominium flats. Sixteen Hollow’s affluent and elite freehold townhomes, which were constructed in 2016–17, have enviable modern interior materials and finishes. This Oakville neighbourhood is planned to have natural open spaces, convenient transit access, and amenities to support residents’ healthy lifestyles. Regarding public parks and amenities, Glenorchy excels.

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