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Why Invest In The Financial District Real Estate Market?

The Financial District in Toronto is the ideal place to vouch for in terms of real estate when it comes to investments. Not only is this neighbourhood the financial capital of the country, but also a major part of the city’s downtown core where there is always something to look forward to. Residents here mainly consist of professionals and young families who love to work and play. Being the financial headquarter for the nation, the neighborhood is home to some of the major corporate offices and as a result, there are thousands of jobs. Living in the area is highly desirable for professionals who are employed here as travelling time and expense can be negated. The neighborhood also has an excellent walk and transit score providing easy access to transport as well as the availability of daily essentials within reach. The location of Financial District also makes it convenient for commuting as it is equidistant from most parts of Toronto. Investing in real estate here will not only promise you income on a regular basis but also serve to be profitable in the future considering the exponential rise in prices of real estate in Toronto.

Why Buy A New Townhome Development In The Financial District?

The Financial District is bordered by Queen Street to the north, Front Street to the south, University Avenue to the west and Yonge Street to the east. Most of the skyscrapers here are occupied by corporate offices such as high-powered accounting and legal firms, corporate headquarters, stockbrokers, accounting firms, insurance companies and newly constructed condo developments. The presence of several decision makers in the neighborhood has brought many marketing companies and advertising agencies, thus bringing about several job opportunities as well. Although this neighborhood has a commercial appeal, it still has an approximate population of about 2239 people. Beneath all the glass and steel structure is the underground PATH system. PATH is Toronto’s underground shopping and commercial complex which is located underneath the streets. This makes the area one of the most important shopping districts in Toronto. As per survey, it is estimated that each day around 200000 people enter and leave the financial district. Most of the condo developments here lack a /neighborly feel when it comes to street level; however, within their walls you will come across developed communities for the residents. Most of the open spaces in the neighborhood have been bought off for the construction of new condos. Sidewalks are filled with trendy restaurants and bars which makes it convenient for residents. All amenities are available within walking distance while transportation services are an added bonus.

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What To Do In The Financial District?

Although the Financial District gives off a vibe that focuses mainly on work, there are several residents here that stay here to both work and play. Besides being a financial capital, there is much to see and do here. The neighbourhood offers a plethora of shopping, dining and entertainment options which are easily accessible on foot. The neighbourhood is also renowned for the famous PATH system of Toronto which is accessible from here. This is one of the most fascinating things to watch out for. It features an underground network of retail stores that connects the majority of the downtown core area and accommodates over 1000 stores and services. This is a popular choice in winter as it keeps you protected from the icy and chilly weather. Besides this the famous CN Tower is a short distance away and can be easily accessed on foot within a few minutes. There are also several big box stores here as well as the famous Yonge-Eglinton corridor, which is regarded as the Times Square of Toronto. Residents here will also be in close proximity to the Eaton Centre where hundreds of premium brands have set up their stores along with many dining and entertainment options. The Financial District may give off the vibe that it is all work and no play; but in reality, this is the ideal place to have a perfect work-life balance.

Average Prices of Townhomes in The Financial District

Although the real estate market in The Financial District is largely dominated by condominiums, townhomes are coming up as the majority of the families prefer them. Townhomes are way better compared to condos as families like to have their own space with privacy which may not always be possible with condominiums. All types of homes here in the Financial District come with a price tag of $468,922 which was seen in the previous years, which comes with a rise of 24% seen annually. A cost of $1,842 is charged when renting a place in the Financial District, which is comparatively more than that of the overall average of Toronto by 14.5% as reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board. Out of the total population of the city, about 49% are homeowners while the remaining 51% are tenanted.

Getting Around in The Financial District

Residents of the Financial District experience one of the best transit services, mainly on the account of its prime location within Toronto’s downtown core. There are several transit services offered by TTC as well as the other regional transit services. Streetcar services and buses are always available at the doorstep. For those who prefer using the subway, the Yonge-University subway line can be availed as its path encircles the neighborhood. Besides these, you can also avail GO Transit, VIA rail from the Union station which is easily accessible. The Billy Bishop Island Airport too is in close proximity. For residents with their own vehicle and who prefer to drive, the Gardiner Expressway and the Lakeshore Boulevard are just minutes away and can be availed for a hassle-free drive to other major parts of the city within no time.

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