Midland’s Real Estate Market

Midland is ideal for anyone who wants to spend the majority of their leisure time outside. The neighbouring Wye Marsh is a landscape that changes with the seasons at any time of year. Skiing and snowmobiling are popular in the winter, and there is plenty of beach land to explore in the summer. Throughout the year, there are a profusion of country paths open to the public, as well as marinas for boat owners to ride into the water and visit the off-coast islands. It has a strong community, which is supported by a huge YMCA that offers recreation and fitness activities, as well as a vibrant downtown filled with antique boutique stores, restaurants, and an art and culture centre. The downtown culture emphasizes the town’s heritage, commemorating the residents’ English heritage through businesses, bars, and the culture centre. The town also benefits from more metropolitan amenities such as big box retail outlets and the majority of services required to meet one’s domestic wants. Travel is primarily limited to walking, cycling, and driving one’s own car or carpooling due to the town’s small size and lack of a comprehensive public transportation infrastructure. There is public transportation busing, however with only three bus routes, coverage is restricted. The town previously had slow population growth, which has accelerated since North Simcoe’s towns unified in a plan to invest in economic development, but with a median age of 50 in 2016, a median household income of close to $55,000, and a residential makeup of married couples with children living in a single detached home, despite apartment condos and townhomes accounting for a combined 1/3rd of dwellings.

List of New Townhomes in Midland

Reasons to Invest in Midland Real Estate

Midland is located in the Simcoe region, which is a hub for economic investment. The Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe, in particular, serves as a unified voice for recruiting investment between Midland and Penetanguishene, Tay and Tiny. This economic corporation allows these towns to exist as a single entity, working together to develop their industries, attract tourism, and bring in more permanent residents through real estate developments and supporting key industries such as agribusiness and advanced manufacturing to employ new and existing residents. Midland was not a town that witnessed considerable growth for a long time, but current changes in Ontario’s economic and real estate status have driven growth and boosted interest in investing in real estate markets similar to Midland’s. Midland offers a vibrant downtown area, a diverse range of real estate plots and new townhomes for sale, and a number of rental units. The town, in particular, is relatively walkable, with its downtown being a great location for new townhomes in Midland due to easy access to most amenities and closeness to the town’s three main bus routes. Residents are drawn to the magnificent vistas it provides, which include rolling green hills, forests packed with walking and bicycling pathways, and a panoramic view of the Georgian Bay coast. Its downtown features art galleries and exhibits, as well as outdoor entertainment for children such as movies, a petting zoo, horseback riding, and zip lining. Waterfront residences enjoy the Georgian Bay vista and clear north air while being within walking distance of city services and entertainment, as well as a ski resort and cycling events. Midland’s new townhomes offer an affordable investment opportunity for people wishing to acquire a second home, relocate out of the city, or host rentals.

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The Employment Landscape of Midland

As previously stated, the Economic Development Corporation of North Simcoe is a collaborative effort by four towns, including Midland, to develop the industries of Advanced Manufacturing, Agribusiness, Healthcare, and Tourism. These “four pillars” are based on Ontario measures to promote growth while improving the environment. As of 2016, the labour force had slightly higher unemployment than the national average as a result of earlier trends pushing residents closer to Toronto, but a reversal in people movements and investments in the aforementioned industries has shifted the town to the path of being a job hub. Currently, the town’s most important industry is trading and the movement of products, as well as sales and service occupations and jobs related to real estate construction and sale. This is trending toward the four pillars mentioned, with improvements to tourism attracting people to Georgian Bay, lower corporate investment costs, and investment in innovative manufacturing centres.

Average Townhome Prices for Midland

The Simcoe region is a rapidly developing real estate market in Ontario, despite a 37.4 percent fall in the number of properties sold between September 2020 and 2021, although this is due to a significant rise in purchases in September 2020, making the 2021 statistics historically great. The average price for new townhomes in Midland is slightly lower, ranging from $341,000 to $400,000.

Getting Around in Midland

Midland relies heavily on foot traffic, cycling, and personal automobile ownership for transportation. For the most part, public transit in town is restricted to three bus lines. At the same time, a bicycle can get you around most of town in a short length of time. While cycling can get a student from home to school, work, and back in a short amount of time, the colder winter months will force even the most passionate rider to buy a car. Big box retailers, as well as the lure of work in manufacturing centres and prospects closer to town, incentivise driving. Around 60% of Midland’s people arrive at work in under 15 minutes, with only a small percentage taking longer than half an hour. Those wishing to travel to bigger cities such as Toronto will have to travel for around 2 hours down route 400, making any major journey to the big metropolis a huge time investment. However, the same roadway can be travelled in 40 minutes to Barrie, which is certain to contain any facilities or entertainment locations that Midland does not.

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