List of New Townhomes in Meaford

Why Should You Invest In Meaford Real Estate?

Meaford is a town surrounded by natural beauty, nestled inside the popular tourism region known as the Georgian Triangle. The Georgian Bay coast, along with the lush region of green hills, dense forests, and rocky cliffs, creates an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Meaford is also quite close to Toronto, as far as northern Ontario communities go, being only a two-hour drive from the Greater Toronto Area, which makes extended excursions for big events, visiting relatives, or other plans doable for its citizens. The closest city is Barrie, which is connected by the same Highway 400 and has another Highway 26 passing through its downtown, bringing lots of commerce to its stores and services. It has a population of approximately 11,000 people and has shown no development since 2016. The town’s people are on average older, with the 60-64 age bracket having the highest median age of 53. The vast majority of people are married, with approximately 80% living in single-family homes and a median household income of approximately $66,000 in 2015. As the population ages, labour market participation has dropped due to retirees leaving the workforce and economic conditions deteriorating till 2016. However, the drop is small, as the actual unemployment rate remains low. Its economic future is secure, since about half of its working-age population has completed some form of post-secondary education, with the majority obtaining a university degree or higher and Engineering being the most popular field of study. Access to neighbouring schools and reasonable real estate make it an attractive location for persons seeking an education and meaningful work to relocate to or stay. Residents of Meaford live in a magnificent setting, complete with recreation and cultural centres, a dynamic downtown, and a broad landscape dotted with trails and tourist sites, all of which contribute to the town’s longevity and comfort.

New Townhomes in Meaford and Reasons To Buy

Firstly, one of the best reasons to invest in Meaford real estate is that it is still reasonably priced compared to other locations where GTA residents are fleeing. In Meaford, both in the city and in the countryside, there is a strong emphasis on creating and marketing new residences. From historic communities like the downtown that have been retained in immaculate condition to modern housing projects in the suburbs and along the coastline. The town’s real estate serves a variety of markets, including individuals looking for a weekend getaway cottage, a summer house, a retirement home, or a first home for new families. The town continues to churn out new and restored homes to keep the market full with fresh prospects because two of its major economic areas are building and real estate. Its location makes it a good choice for weekend or summer residences, and its proximity to Barrie means there are lots of job opportunities for individuals looking to live cheaply while still working in a metropolis. The town is bordered on all sides by natural beauty, from the crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay to mountainous woodlands and vast panoramas of verdant rural land. It has a vibrant culture, with an art gallery and cultural centre dedicated to the town’s and region’s cultural heritage. It is close to college and university campuses, resulting in a high percentage of residents with a post-secondary education, as well as a Canadian Forces training station.

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Work and Major Industries in Meaford

Meaford’s business scene is extremely broad, with numerous small enterprises catering to a variety of requirements. The bulk of firms in Meaford employ between one and four people, with the 1-4 and 5-9 groups accounting for more than 80% of the town’s active businesses. The town’s economy is heavily reliant on agriculture and the development of new housing in Meaford. Agriculture is the town’s major industry, followed by construction and real estate. One-third of its population commute in less than 15 minutes, another third in up to 30 minutes, and the final third in between 30 minutes and an hour or more. For individuals who are not employed in the main three industries, the short highway commute to Barrie provides a diverse range of career alternatives. Finally, tourism contributes a significant amount of revenue to the town during its peak tourist season, owing to the town’s vicinity to ski resorts and mountains, as well as its proximity to the ocean. Its agricultural sector is integrated into that of the County of Grey, which includes the town. The County has a thriving agricultural sector and excellent infrastructure for conveying its exports, including shipping ports that facilitate the movement of products across the great lakes.

Average Price for New Townhomes in Meaford

Single detached homes make up the majority of dwellings in Meaford, with apartment condos and townhouses coming in second and third, respectively. Since 2014, housing prices have been rising in peaks, and about 80% of the city’s citizens own their homes. Meaford, which is part of Georgian Bay’s Western Region, saw a drop in home sales from 2020 to 2021, however sales are still higher above the five-year average. The price for New Townhomes in Meaford is currently at around $525,000, a decline from the last year.

Transit And Accessibility

Meaford is well located between Owen Sound, the Blue Mountains, and Barrie, giving it easy access to important tourist attractions and urban areas. Residents of Meaford can travel to the city in a very short time to address any demands that the local region cannot meet. Highway 26 travels through town and to Owen Sound, bringing lots of commerce to the town and surrounding area, while Highway 400 gets them to Barrie in under an hour. The majority of people in Meaford drive, and public transportation is scarce. The tiny layout of the town, on the other hand, makes it ideal for walking and cycling for most basic requirements and leisure. There is an accessible bus service to satisfy the transportation needs of individuals who require it for public transit. Aside from that, vehicles are required for practically all long-distance travel.

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