Investing In Woodbridge Real Estate

Investing in Woodbridge real estate is a sound choice. Pre-construction condos are an especially opportune investment as the area diversifies. Woodbridge is a well-established environment with a relaxed family feel. Famous for playing home to multiple generations of Italian-Canadian families, Woodbridge is getting more diverse over time in terms of ethnicity, age and lifestyle. Woodbridge has different pockets which offer somewhat different lifestyles. There are more secluded and typically suburban environments and an area with a slightly more urban feel nearer to downtown Woodbridge and Highway 7. Woodbridge is divided by the Humber River, its original founding point. Eastern Woodbridge tends to have slightly more expensive real estate than Western Woodbridge but the difference is minimal. To sum up, Woodbridge is a big place that offers options while still being united by its established character.

List of New Condos in Woodbridge Neighbourhood

Why Buy New Condo Developments In Woodbridge?

Buying new pre-construction condos in Woodbridge is a savvy investment. Woodbridge is a growing community that is already well established but beginning to diversify. Not only is Woodbridge itself growing but it will benefit over the long term from growth in the GTA and Vaughan. Vaughan is in the process of developing a proper urban-style downtown area in the form of Vaughan Metropolitan Center. The recent extension of TTC Subway service to Vaughan makes this possible. Vaughan and its planners intend for this area to be a game changing local employment hub. High level “prestige” employment -including new offices for consulting firm KPMG- is already present in this development. Vaughan Metropolitan Center is a great sign for Vaughan as a whole as it means greater local diversity and demand for different types of housing like new pre-construction condos.

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Employment in Woodbridge

While Woodbridge is primarily a residential neighborhood, things are looking up in terms of employment prospects for Vaughan as a whole, to say nothing of the GTA. The redevelopment and transformation of Vaughan Metropolitan Center is the key to diversification of Vaughan’s employment future. That said, there is a mix of employment already available in Vaughan including healthcare, homebuilding, financial and professional services and other types of work including many jobs at the railyards in Vaughans outlying areas. Woodbridge residents can easily access the entire GTA and major employment hubs like Toronto and Markham by way of the local highways and other forms of transit.

Average Condo Price for Woodbridge

The average price for a condo in Woodbridge is in the 500’s. This price point makes Woodbridge an affordable option for those looking for a new pre-construction condo in the Toronto area. Prices vary across Woodbridge and Eastern Woodbridge tends to have slightly more expensive real estate than Western Woodbridge on the other side of the Humber River. The cost of the average condo in Eastern Woodbridge is $527,078 while the average condo in Western Woodbridge is a slightly more modest $489,466. As you can see, condo prices are fairly consistent across this large established suburban neighborhood. Condos in Woodbridge can be found at Woodbridge and Kipling, in downtown Woodbridge along Woodbridge Ave., along Highway 7 and in other small pockets here and there.

Transit & Accessibility in Woodbridge

Woodbridge is fundamentally a car oriented community. While there is some local transit access in Woodbridge, it is the comprehensive connection to local highways that is most enjoyed by local residents. The 7, 27, 407, 427 and 400 Highways are all smoothly accessible to residents. Car culture has clearly flourished in Woodbridge as mature weekly car meetups can be found near Highway 7. While Woodbridge is a place where the car is fundamentally embraced and catered to as a form of transportation, there is access to the GO Train in Vaughan and the recent extension of the TTC Subway to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre means even urban-style rapid transit now has a local presence. There is plenty of entertainment to be found in Woodbridge. Golf is perhaps the foremost outdoor activity that is readily accessible in the immediate area making Woodbridge a golfers paradise. Woodbridge is also home to several large athletic facilities including the Ontario Soccer Centre and Woodbridge Sports Dome. Shopping can be done in downtown Woodbridge at Market Lane Shopping Centre which also serves as a local gathering place or “village square” complete with a fun two storey clock tower. Vaughan Mills Shopping Centre is a short drive away. Of course Canada’s Wonderland is nearby in Vaughan as well in addition to plenty of other options for family entertainment.

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