Investing In Islington Woods Real Estate

The neighbourhoods of Woodbridge Highlands and Islington Woods are tucked away between Boyd Conservation Area and the Humber River. Rutherford Road, just east of Islington Avenue, nearly all of Highway 7, and Thomson Creek all form the neighborhood’s northern, southern, and western boundaries.The two most common types of housing in Islington Woods are single detached homes and townhouses. The majority of the structures in this area of the city were erected between the 1980s and the 2000s, making them rather recent. Roughly 40% of its homes were built between 1990 and 2000. Particularly, individuals seeking homes with four or more bedrooms can get outstanding results in this area of Vaughan.It makes logical that one of your top objectives while looking for a new home is determining the ideal neighbourhood for you and your family.All types of homes, but families make up the majority, do well in the Islington Woods neighbourhood. In the neighbourhood, two kids are typical for families with kids, and many of the kids are young.There are 94% homeowners and 6% renters in Islington Woods, indicating a high rate of home ownership in the community. Reading, swimming, and gardening are popular pastimes in the area.

List of New Condos in Islington Woods Neighbourhood

Why Buy New Condo Developments in Islington Woods?

Islington Woods is a popular and desirable neighbourhood in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, and there are several compelling reasons to buy new condo developments in this area. Firstly, Islington Woods is well-known for its convenient location, which offers easy access to major highways and public transportation. This makes commuting to work or other parts of the city quick and hassle-free. Secondly, Islington Woods is a family-friendly neighbourhood with excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities, making it an ideal place to raise children. Thirdly, the area is experiencing significant growth and development, with many new amenities and attractions being built. This means that investing in new condo developments in Islington Woods can offer excellent potential for appreciation in property value over time. Finally, Islington Woods is a diverse and multicultural community, which offers a rich and vibrant cultural experience for residents. Overall, Islington Woods offers a great combination of location, amenities, and lifestyle, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to buy a new condo development.

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Entertainment & Recreation In Islington Woods

In close proximity to Woodbridge Highlands/Islington Woods are Boyd Park, the Kortright Center, the Pierre Burton Resource Library, and the Al Palladini Community Center. The numerous parks and trails in Woodbridge Highlands/Islington Woods are beloved by families, joggers, and those with dogs. Customers will be happy to hear that there is something for everyone, including Shoppers Drug, Longos Supermarket, Oca Nera Fine Italian Dining, and everything in between.The Market Lane Shopping Centre, the “original Downtown Woodbridge,” with its own Cataldi Supermarket, beauty salons, and retail stores, is only a short distance away. For golf enthusiasts, there are alternatives to play at The National Golf Club and Board of Trade, both of which are close by. The Country Club is situated in the rolling hills of the Humber River Valley with rich nature as your backdrop.Home buyers who value tranquilly will like Islington Woods. Doctors Mclean District Park and Woodbridge Highland Park are two adjacent parks that locals may visit, and they are both conveniently located near numerous sites in this region. Since the amount of traffic noise in this area of Vaughan is often quite minimal, it is very calm overall.

Average Price for Condos in Islington Woods

The average price for condos in Islington Woods can vary depending on the size, location, and amenities offered. As of 2021, the average price for a one-bedroom condo in Islington Woods ranges from $500,000 to $600,000, while a two-bedroom unit can cost anywhere between $600,000 to $800,000. Some larger three-bedroom condos in Islington Woods can even exceed $1 million in price.

Transit & Accessibility In Islington Woods

The best mode of mobility in Islington Woods is a car. Parking is not difficult. On the other side, there aren’t many transit-friendly areas in this portion of the city. Nevertheless, there are a few bus routes, and most homes can easily be reached from a local bus stop. Property owners in this area of Vaughan find it challenging to perform their regular errands, thus walking is not particularly practical. Islington Woods, however, has a robust cycling infrastructure, making bicycle commuting convenient.The Collection Towns’ prime location in the centre of Vaughan makes it simple to access public transportation and main roads, enabling a quick and convenient daily commute. Commuters may quickly access the TTC subway and be at Union Station in downtown Toronto in no time thanks to the location’s proximity to the YRT and VIVA bus lines as well as the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Transit Hub. Minutes away and equally easily accessible is Maple Go Station. Highway 400, which would instantly link cars to other neighbouring thoroughfares including Highways 27, 7, 407, and 401, will be immediately accessible to motorists. Toronto’s downtown may be reached in 35 minutes by car.

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