The Concord is a neighborhood in Vaughan that is under development with loads of urban transformation plans as it is in close proximity to the development of a major urban centre. It is bordered by Rutherford Road to the north, Steeles Avenue to the south, Dufferin Street to the east and Highway 400 to the west. Vaughan is expected to become the next major urban hub in the Greater Toronto Area and has even nicknamed the project as ‘The New Downtown North’. Not only will this place have residential properties, but it will also be full of entertainment, retail, employment and much more. This is also the setting of the Greater Toronto Area’s northernmost and newest subway station which connects the region to the Toronto Transit Commission’s Line 1 Yonge/University subway line, making it very convenient for the residents. The current site of the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre was once a part of this neighborhood officially before it was identified as the new urban centre for the city. Once the downtown core is sufficiently populated, it is then that Concord becomes the next logical place which could happen sooner than expected.
Condos are the most common type of houses here in Concord and account for 66 percent of the total home sales over the past year. Detached homes are also prevalent in the neighborhood and account for 15% of the total home sales. The average price of a home during the same tie was $665,739 which could be divided to an average price of a condo at $502,126 along with an average freehold price of $1,176,716. One of the main reasons behind the tremendous growth in Vaughan is because of its friendly building practices as well as its generous corporate taxes. This encourages large businesses to build and put their company’s headquarters here. This also makes the city more agile in comparison to large metropolitan cities like Toronto. If any new development is needed then it happens within no time. One of the major attractions here is Canada’s Wonderland, which is in close proximity to the neighborhood, located to the north. It is an enormous amusement park and a waterpark and has some of the best rides in Canada. To the northwestern corner of the neighborhood is Vaughan Mills, a massive shopping centre and outlet mall. This is the place to visit if you wish to purchase your favorite items at discounted prices It is a total of 1,274,000 square feet of floor space which consists of 245 stores and services along with 16 anchor tenants. Some of the big brands that you can find here include Urban Planet, Winners Homesense, Bass Pro Shops, Nordstrom’s and H&M. There is no question about the fact that this neighborhood is very walkable and has everything you could ask for.

List of New Condos in Concord Neighbourhood

Why invest in Concord Real Estate?

When it comes to investment, the Concord in Vaughan is one of the best neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area that has immense potential. Once the development phase is complete, you can start identifying many of its characteristics that could make it an ideal place for investing. The ability to identify an area’s potential is one of the major key points for any savvy investor and this neighborhood has all it takes. When it comes to local amenities, Concord is very walkable and ensures the availability of everything you need within walking distance. The need for using vehicles is negated and as such you do not have to use your vehicle for running errands. Vaughan Mills is in close proximity and has everything you could ask for under one roof. This is also the place to be if you are looking for some entertainment such as movies or restaurants and cafes. Another aspect of the neighborhood that makes it a desirable place is the abundance of arterial roadways. This allows residents to travel conveniently throughout and beyond. This aspect of the neighborhood makes it an ideal place for working professionals who need to commute on a daily basis. The neighborhood is still in its nascent stage which makes the price of houses here comparatively lesser to its other counterparts like Toronto. The development has not only promised a better neighborhood in terms of infrastructure and facilities but also with regards to its population. The population of the neighborhood is estimated to increase in the coming years. While the prices are still comparatively lower, it is the best time to invest here. The neighborhood is also rich in condos with more coming up and provides you with several options to choose from. The annual rise in real estate prices will take care of your investment and return you a premium value after a few years. You also have the option of renting it out to receive a monthly income through your tenants in the form of rent.

Transit Options

When it comes to transportation and commuting, living in Concord is quite an experience thanks to the abundance of several arterial roadways. Not only do these roadways help in connecting to other parts of the city, but also provide quick access to highways which can further connect you to the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Highway 7 and Express Toll Route are easily accessible from the neighborhood and further provide access to the Queen Elizabeth Way as well as the Gardiner Expressway. For public transportation, the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre subway station is in close proximity and can be availed. One of the most anticipating projects however is the setting of the GTA’s new subway station which will be the northernmost. This subway station will connect the area to the Toronto Transit Commission’s Line 1 Yonge/University subway line. Once this is implemented, residents can travel back and forth to Toronto within no time without any hassle. Once this is implemented, it will take the transit system to a whole new level not only for Vaughan but also for Toronto.

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