Investing in St. Catharines Real Estate Market

Referred to as The Garden City, St. Catherines is a town located just north of Niagara falls, on the southern tip of the Golden Horseshoe economic zone and within close driving distance to Buffalo USA, and Hamilton. It occupies a wide lakeside coast, and has its own large body of water running through it in the form of the Martindale Pond. A port, an island and various parks take advantage of this pond and its connection to lake Ontario, its waterways connecting south to lake Erie. St. Catharines has a population of around 133,113 people. Its growth rate is slow, but green. Its population skews toward older ages, peaking at the 50-60 range, but also nearly matched by the 20-30 age range. The majority of them are married, providing strong combined household incomes, with the highest income bracket at $60-79k/yr. This income has steadily increased year by year. St. Catharines is a culturally diverse town, with a solid base of Aboriginal, Black, Chinese and Latin American populations among other visible minorities. The majority are English speaking Caucasians, but a healthy diversity of cultural and ethnic backgrounds help to infuse life into the town. St. Catharines is home of the First Ontario performing arts centre, a variety of parks, and rec centres. Parks like the Centennial Gardens formed to celebrate Canada’s 100th anniversary, outdoor ice rinks, and an animal farm are some of the various facilities provided.

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Why Buy Pre-construction Condo Developments in St. Catharines?

St. Catharines is an idyllic town rich in aesthetic beauty. Its waterways and rich greenspace make it an ideal place for people to settle, while also retaining a large enough youth and multi-cultural demographic that it isn’t consigned to being a retirement town. Its long waterways allow pre-construction condo developments in St. Catharines to expand both along the lakeshore and further inland while retaining their waterfront status. The waterways are often accompanied with long paths and linked to a variety of parks, as well as the water itself being a field for beach, swimming, and boating activities.

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Employment in St. Catharines

Roughly 60% of St. Catharines’ population has post-secondary education, with a focus on Social behavioural sciences and law, business and public administration, healthcare and engineering. Of those employed, fields such as education, Healthcare, business administration, and retail service are its most popular. Thanks to the fact that the Queen Elizabeth way highway runs through it, as well as Highway 406, access to employment outside the city limits is very easy for anyone with a car, or easy access to major public transit like the GO train. The highways and transit line provide major transportation networks through the major trade hubs of the GTA and the US Border, with quick access to Niagara Falls. The extensive city bus network within the city limits also makes it feasible for its younger population, who occupy many of the retail jobs in the city, to easily get around for both business and pleasure. Youth who live on one side of the city can still commute downtown to work retail, whereas their parents have little issue driving 25 minutes to their office in a more dense urban population center, if they don’t already work for a major employer like banks with offices along St. Catharines’ downtown core.

Average Prices for Pre-Construction Condos in St. Catharines

Pricing for pre-construction condos in St. Catharines ranges from $350,000 for 1-bedroom condos to $656,000 for 2-bedrooms. However, prices by the waterfront are often much higher than this average, and much construction for new condos runs along the lakeshore or alongside its large Martindale Pond river. Pre-construction Condos are over half of St. Catharines’ new home developments, and waterfront condos available or in pre-construction cost between $395,000-$650,000 for downtown placements to $1,200,000, with a skew toward $900,000-1,000,000 for those in high value waterfront property.

St. Catharines Transportation & Accessibility

The majority of St. Catharines’ population travel to work in a car, and the majority take 15 minutes or less to travel to work, with only 20% of the total population needing more than 30 minutes to get to work. Public transportation in St. Catharines is set up to allow its population to travel the city without needing a car, with longer transit lines leading to Niagara falls, other cities like Thorold, and bringing students to and from Brock University. GO Bus lines run along the QEW to other cities such as Hamilton, Toronto, and lead down toward the US border. The GO train network also connects from Toronto to Niagara. Thanks to these, St. Catharines benefits from very close proximity to Niagara falls, the US Border, and access to the Lakeshore West GO train line that connects it to all the major cities of the GTA and surrounding areas. Pre-construction Condos in St. Catharines are planned in high density urban spots of the city, surrounded by amenities like grocery stores and malls within walking distance, or short bus trips.

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