List of New Condos in Rougemount Neighbourhood

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Investing in Rougemount Real Estate

Picture yourself enjoying the serene Rouge National Urban Park right at your doorstep, providing not just a scenic backdrop but also a range of recreational activities. The renowned Toronto Zoo is conveniently close, adding a family-friendly dimension to the area. Benefit from easy connectivity via Highway 401, ensuring seamless travel and enhancing long-term property value. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the nearby Rouge River, offering picturesque hiking trails, while living near Little Rouge Creek provides a peaceful retreat. The adjacent Rouge Valley Park boasts a captivating forested area, creating a perfect balance between urban convenience and natural tranquility. Embrace the holistic experience of Rougemount, where urban living seamlessly integrates with the allure of nature, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a vibrant and well-connected community.

Why Buy Pre-Construction Condos in Rougemount?

Investing in new condos in Rougemount emerges as a strategic decision. The vibrant neighbourhoods of Highbush and Rosebank, positioned nearby, inject a sense of competition and heightened demand into the local real estate market, promising potential appreciation for prospective investors. Living in close vicinity to the scenic Lake Ontario not only provides picturesque views but also offers an array of recreational benefits, creating a tranquil environment for residents. The strategic location ensures convenient access to essential healthcare facilities, with Scarborough Health Network – General Hospital to the west and Lakeridge Health Ajax Pickering Hospital to the east, both accessible via Highway 401. This healthcare accessibility adds a layer of convenience and reassurance for residents. What’s more, the presence of the nearby Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre enhances the appeal of the area, offering a world-class facility for sports and fitness activities.

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Rougemount Neighbourhood

The idyllic neighbourhood of Rougemount embodies a diverse and well-equipped community, addressing a spectrum of interests and needs. Book enthusiasts can find solace in the George Ashe Library & Community Centre, offering a family-friendly atmosphere. Those planning events can utilize the capacious West Shore Community Centre, ensuring ample space for various gatherings. Parents seeking top-notch education can place their trust in the dedicated teaching staff at Elizabeth B. Phin Public School. St. Monica Catholic School caters to the spiritual and educational needs of devout parents. The educational landscape expands with the nearby University of Toronto Scarborough. Culinary connoisseurs can relish the unique offerings of Free Topping Pizza Ltd, where pizza aficionados can enjoy an array of topping choices at no additional cost. Meanwhile, Kobo Gourmet stands out as a Japanese sushi restaurant, contributing diverse culinary experiences to the vibrant fabric of Rougemount’s amenities. Nature enthusiasts can explore the green oasis of Rouge River Park, where the flowing Rouge River adds a serene backdrop to the lush surroundings. For those seeking outdoor adventures, the Vista Trail in the gigantic Rouge National Urban Park offers breathtaking views and an immersive experience in nature’s grandeur. During the summer months, Rouge Beach becomes a hotspot for residents, offering opportunities for kayaking on the shimmering waters of Lake Ontario. Movie aficionados can indulge in the latest cinematic offerings at Cineplex Cinemas Pickering and VIP, providing a state-of-the-art movie-watching experience. Whether reveling in the tranquility of natural spaces or enjoying the latest blockbuster, Rougemount ensures a vibrant and varied entertainment landscape for its residents.

Average Price of Condos in Rougemount

Pickering’s condo market demonstrated resilience in 2023, with the TREBB Report indicating an average price of $600,250. The median price of $546,000 reflected a diverse pricing range. The presence of 23 new listings and 27 active listings showcased a continuous flow of options in a lively and competitive real estate environment. The benchmark price for condos in Pickering was set at $620,500, marking a 1.38% year-on-year change, signaling a moderate positive shift. A comparison with Orangeville’s 2023 condo market revealed differences with an average price of $544,833 and a median price of $510,000. Orangeville also reported 4 new and 4 active listings, highlighting Pickering’s advantages with approximately a 10.2% higher average price and a 7.1% greater median price than Orangeville, showing Pickering’s stronger position in the condo real estate landscape.

Transit & Accessibility in Rougemount

A network of bus routes, such as 54A, 900, 92, and 920, swiftly traverses major arteries like Kingston Road and Rougemount Drive, facilitating seamless public transportation. For those opting for personal vehicles, the convenience of major highways 401 and Kingston Road provides efficient routes for travel. Moreover, the accessibility of Pickering GO and Rouge Hill train stations adds another layer to the transportation options, offering a direct and swift commute to Toronto. This well-thought-out combination of bus routes, highways, and train stations exemplifies Rougemount’s commitment to providing its residents with diverse and convenient transportation choices.

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