List of New Condos in Duffin Heights Neighbourhood

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Investing in Duffin Heights Real Estate

Situated close to Lake Ontario, Duffin Heights pulsates with the dynamism of a growing community, featuring modern townhouses and spacious detached homes. Families benefit from acclaimed schools, while professionals value the convenient access to Highway 401 leading to downtown Toronto. Duffin Heights Park, a lush oasis, provides opportunities for outdoor activities and serene walks along scenic trails. Nature enthusiasts can explore the adjacent Rouge National Urban Park, a vast sanctuary teeming with birdlife and serene forests. The vibrant Pickering Town Centre offers a variety of amenities, including designer boutiques, cozy cafes, and bustling supermarkets. As the sun sets, residents gather at The Duffins Pub, sharing stories and toasting to the day. The future holds promises with a planned community centre becoming a focal point for recreation, and the Pickering GO Station ensuring effortless commutes. Investing in Duffin Heights means investing in a canvas painted with the vibrant colors of convenience, community, and the tranquil enchantment of nature.

Why Buy Pre-Construction Condos in Duffin Heights?

Positioned amid lively neighbourhoods such as Dunbarton and Pickering Village, future residents can enjoy the diverse charm and offerings of these adjacent communities. The presence of reputable educational institutions like Saint Wilfrid Catholic School and Eagle Ridge Public School ensures a rich academic environment for families. Seamless commuting is facilitated by the convenient access to major transportation routes like Highway 401 and 407, enhancing the practicality of daily life. The local culinary scene is enriched by noteworthy establishments such as Guac Mexi Grill, serving authentic Mexican cuisine, and Hakka Fusion, presenting a fusion of flavors to cater to various tastes. Investing in new condos in Duffin Heights not only secures a contemporary living space but also immerses individuals in a neighbourhood intertwined with educational excellence, accessible transit, and a diverse culinary landscape.

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Duffin Heights Neighbourhood

Covering an expanse of around 5.23 square kilometers, Duffin Heights incorporates expansive open spaces like Grand Valley Park and segments of the Seaton Hiking Trail, providing residents with serene natural retreats. Within its confines, distinguished educational institutions such as Valley Farm Public School and St. Wilfrid Catholic School flourish, complemented by the convenient proximity of Pickering High School. The nearby Pickering Town Centre serves as a comprehensive hub catering to daily needs, featuring supermarkets, cafes, and diverse shops. The locale affords residents effortless access to Highway 401, facilitating smooth commutes to Toronto or exploration of the neighbouring region. Amidst this dynamic setting, the Duffins Pub emerges as a favored local gathering place, characterized by a laid-back ambiance and amiable vibes, serving as a cherished center for community connections. Nature enthusiasts can discover the serene charm of Duffin Heights Forest and River Trail, providing a picturesque retreat amid flourishing green landscapes. The appealing Creekside Park contributes to the outdoor experience, offering spaces for both recreation and leisure. Golf enthusiasts have the opportunity to indulge in their passion at the prestigious Pickering Golf Club and the private Whitevale Golf Club, both offering top-notch courses for an enjoyable round. The community also features the Pickering Water Pond, a peaceful fishing pond catering to those seeking a tranquil angling experience. Fitness aficionados can maintain an active lifestyle at the well-equipped Planet Fitness center, while the Chestnut Hill Developments Recreation Complex serves as a central hub for a variety of recreational activities. For those seeking a thrill, the Pickering Casino Resort stands as a premier destination, providing a mix of entertainment, gaming, and dining experiences.

Average Price of Condos in Duffin Heights

Condo prices in Pickering average $600,250 with a median of $546,000, surpassing Ajax where the average and median prices stand at $528,000. Pickering also boasts 23 new listings and 27 active listings, in stark contrast to Ajax’s 8 new listings and 11 active listings. The percentage differences accentuate Pickering’s advantageous position, with its average price being around 13.6% higher and median price approximately 3.8% greater than Ajax. The significant uptick in new listings, showcasing a 187.5% increase, and active listings, reflecting a 145.5% surge in Pickering compared to Ajax, underscores the former’s robust condos market. These substantial variations underscore Pickering’s positive trajectory, solidifying its standing as a thriving hub.

Transit & Accessibility in Duffin Heights

Transit will be the least of your worries as the neighbourhood benefits from an extensive bus network, encompassing routes 101, 103, and 110, offering convenient transportation options for daily travel. Train stations such as Pickering GO Station and Rouge Hill GO Station contribute to enhanced connectivity, linking residents to broader regional transit networks. Major highways, including Highway 401 and Highway 407, ensure swift vehicular access, facilitating efficient journeys to Toronto and neighbouring areas. Significantly, the Pickering GO Station allows for expedited travel, with an approximate travel time of 30 minutes to downtown Toronto.

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