List of New Condos in South Burlington Neighbourhood

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Investing In South Burlington Real Estate

South Burlington has a lake if North Burlington has an escarpment. South Burlington is home to lakeside pathways and green neighbourhoods, so it has something for everyone. Families may find homes of every size and style in established neighbourhoods like Pinedale, Longmoor, and Brant, with townhomes and detached homes being particularly prevalent. The Roseland, Shoreacres, and Elizabeth Gardens lakefront communities that wind along Lakeshore offer gorgeous architecture, landscape, and facilities for those seeking more opulent residences. The eastern and southern sides of Burlington are surrounded by South Burlington. The excellence of South Burlington’s public schools, municipal services, parks, and leisure options are well-known. Lake Champlain is nearby, and the mountains are easily reached by automobile.

Why Buy New Condos In South Burlington?

love being outside? There are numerous opportunities to enjoy the area’s gorgeous parks, hiking paths, and Paletta Mansion and gardens. As you get closer to Burlington’s downtown, you can notice new condo complexes springing up, expanding the options available to first-time and downsizing buyers. Therefore, South Burlington is growing and expanding…and waiting for you, whether you desire established, peaceful streets filled with families and a strong sense of community, the opulent trappings of lakeside mansions, or the convenience of condo towers!

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Entertainment & Recreation In South Burlington

With numerous restaurants serving a variety of cuisine, including Italian, Nepali, Turkish, Thai, and classic American dishes, the greater Burlington area has a thriving gourmet scene. The specialty goods produced by local farms and businesses are also well-known; these include maple syrup, cheeses, meats, wines, spirits, chocolates, coffee, ice cream, and much more. Most of the town is connected with recreational routes. There are twelve parks and natural areas, an 18-hole golf course, and numerous tennis courts. On Lake Champlain, a popular swimming area is Red Rocks Park. Veterans Memorial Park is a 210-acre space containing a two-rink indoor ice rink, 140 acres of open terrain, and hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing trails. In order to keep your family happy and active, the town has a highly regarded parks and recreation programme that offers affordable programmes, free public events, and enjoyable leisure time activities for all ages.

Average Price Of Condos In South Burlington

The average price of condos in South Burlington varies depending on the location, size, and age of the property. As of 2021, the median price of a condo in South Burlington was around $305,000, which is significantly lower compared to the neighboring city of Burlington. Condos in South Burlington offer an affordable option for buyers looking for a low-maintenance lifestyle with easy access to amenities and recreational activities. The demand for condos in South Burlington has been steadily increasing over the years due to the town’s proximity to Lake Champlain and its scenic views. Additionally, the town’s well-regarded school district and a variety of shopping and dining options contribute to making South Burlington a desirable place to live.

Transit And Accessibility In South Burlington

Since the QEW/403 is the primary route between Oakville and Toronto, it typically takes 30 to 45 minutes to go there, though this time may increase during rush hour. During rush hour, an express train operates from Oakville or Bronte GO to Union station, shortening travel time by roughly 10 minutes by skipping all stations past Clarkson. The 45-minute trip to significant places, including Exhibition, is made by an all-stops train.

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