Square One

Located in the heart of Mississauga, Square One is a neighborhood that is constantly growing. It is also known as the City Centre, having its main focal point at Hurontario Street and Highway 403. The neighborhood holds its very own downtown, with its own urban skyline developments, complete with glass office towers along with condominiums that make it a desirable place to live in. The largest mall in Mississauga is named Square One Shopping Centre as it characterizes and defines this neighborhood having everything tied to it. Offices, residences and commercial enterprises all live, work and play here. The area has much to offer in terms and can be considered as a melting pot. You will find diversity everywhere in the neighborhood as the shopping centre offers an array of different shops along with services. Besides these the neighborhood also has movie theatres where you can catch the latest flicks. Square One is also home to several cultural institutions in Mississauga which include Celebration Square, The Living Arts Centre Mississauga Art Gallery and the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus.
The sales of condos in Square One has increased in the last couple of years due to the boom in the construction industry within its borders. This neighborhood is also a part of the Province of Ontario’s Places To Grow initiative which has been designed to create a more dynamic, convenient and compelling community that will turn into a sustainable, thriving and a self-reliant body. As per this initiative, an approximate of 55 new high-rise condo residential buildings will be developed in the coming years. Condos are the most common type of housing here and account for 96% of the total home sales in the region. This is followed by condo townhouses which account for only 2% of the total sales. Condos are the most popular trend here and most properties consist of two bedrooms. The average price in Square One over the past year stood at $348,753, which is an increase of 15% over the previous year. The average condo premium over the same time stood at $347,241, against the average freehold price of $721,625 over the same term. Square One captivates you with the feeling of a new city which is reflected in the continuous sightings of cranes and construction in the area. It is an ideal place to call home for single professionals, downsizers, small families, empty-nesters and new couples. Development of new condos along with commercial complexes are expected to rise as the investments continue to pour in. This will in turn result in an exponential growth in the population of the neighborhood within a few years. The neighborhood also has plans to improve transport services that will promote a hassle-free commuting experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

List of New Condos in Square One Neighbourhood

Why invest in Square One Real Estate?

When it comes to investment, Mississauga is one of the best places to do so. One of the main reasons lies in the fact that it is mostly still low-cost as compared to Downtown Toronto when it comes to real estate. The average rate of a condo in Downtown Toronto costs $100k more than that of Mississauga. Coming to the Square One, the neighborhood is ideal for a large section of people ranging from working professionals to young couples and even small families. The presence of the Square One Shopping Centre provides the residents with everything they need under one roof. Be it stores, services, restaurants, bars or cafes, you are sure to find one in every corner. The neighborhood is very walkable and ensures that you do not find the need to use vehicles for running errands. Besides the availability of amenities and the lower price of real estate properties, investing here ensures a good return for your investment as the units here have a greater square footage compared to Downtown Toronto.
Another deal breaker here is the excellent transit system offered by the neighborhood. The area is served well by public transportation and as such it is convenient to travel to any part of the city and beyond effortlessly. There are also plans to further improve the transportation services that will promote a hassle-free commuting experience throughout the Greater Toronto Area. This will be convenient specially for professionals and residents who are required to commute across the GTA regularly. The neighborhood is also popular with condominiums and as such offers a huge range of home styles and sizes to choose from. It is advisable to invest soon while the prices are still lower than its counterparts. The annual increase in the rate of real estate properties will ensure a premium value for your investment in a couple of years. You also have the option of putting the property on rent and get a monthly income through your tenants. The neighborhood has already seen a rise in its population and has been estimated to rise even further within the span of a few years. Mississauga is an alluring, breathtaking as well as enchanting. Getting a place will not disappoint you; however, if you are looking for a life with all the modern amenities at your disposal, then Square One is the perfect place to invest in.

Transit Options

Square One is a very walkable neighborhood and as such does not require the use of any vehicle to buy local necessities. When it comes to travelling within the city and beyond, the area is served well by public transportation, making it highly convenient to commute to and from this neighborhood. Thanks to the MiWay, there are several buses available here that connect commuters to TTC’s Islington subway station. The GO Transit also caters bus along with train services, allowing the residents of Square One to travel conveniently throughout Mississauga and beyond. You can also consider the upcoming construction of the Hurontario LRT system which will take convenience to a whole new level.
Commuting is equally convenient for motorists as the neighborhood is adjacent to the 403 Highway and Hurontario Street. Not only do these routes help you travel throughout the city, but also can help you travel further into the Greater Toronto Area. The Queen Elizabeth Way is easily accessible from Hurontario Street which can be availed for fast access to your destinations. The Hurontario Street further extends to Lakeshore Boulevard which can get you to Downtown Toronto within no time. The Queen Elizabeth Way on the other hand extends to the Gardiner Expressway which provides fast access to Toronto and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

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