Rathwood is a neighborhood in Mississauga that is named after the park located at the centre of its borders. It is a mature neighborhood that features several homes that were built in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Majority of the residents comprise of older families as well as second time homebuyers. The area is located in a vintage Mississauga suburb with bungalows as well as classic two-storey houses. This however is about to change as developers are starting to see potential here thanks to its arterial streets and the accessibility to some of the best-known public amenities in Mississauga. The Rathwood Park is one of the several green spaces in the neighborhood. Its central location as well as the name, make it the most well-known park in the area. There is a serene walking trail that is located just beside a rushing creek as well as a dense forest. This park also serves as the neighborhood’s athletic destination owing to its softballs and baseball diamonds, bocce ball court and a soccer field. Detached homes are the most common type of homes in Rathwood and account for 45 percent of the total homes sales here. This is however about to witness a change as major developers are starting to see the area’s potential and coming up with plans for a condo awakening. Condo townhouses are also prevalent here and account for 21 percent of the total sales, followed by condos that account for only 19%. The average price of a home in Rathwood is $755,039 which can be broken down to $957338 for freehold homes and $491,985 for condos.
Rathwood has over the years earned its name of being a mature neighborhood. The reason behind this is partly because of the older houses along with its inhabitants. Another reason for this is also because of the detached homes that are ideal for second-time homebuyers. As a result of this, the region attracts older families. There is an aura of peace and serenity in this neighborhood which captivates all its residents as no one likes to leave once they are settled here. This neighborhood is a lot of people’s idea of an idyllic paradise. Although the neighborhood is currently known for its detached homes and its suburban lifestyle, it is slowly starting to evolve into modernity. The neighborhood is an ideal place for a peaceful living, away from all the noises and disturbances of a city life. All amenities are available in close walking distance and does not require the need for using vehicles. Be it shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants or even cafes, you will find everything you need within a few steps. There are also several parks and green spaces here to promote a healthy lifestyle. There is a sneaky charm about this neighborhood that creeps up on its new inhabitants which has led to its reputation – once you move here, you will not want to leave.

List of New Condos in the Rathwood Neighbourhood

Why invest in Rathwood Real Estate?

The idea of investment is often associated with a lot of factors such as location, transit options, amenities and much more. When it comes to Rathwood Mississauga, one of the main factors that should help you decide on whether or not to invest is the abundance of public transportation which makes it highly convenient to commute to any part of the city effortlessly. This makes the neighborhood ideal for working professionals who need to commute on a daily basis. One of the other factors depends on the fact that the neighborhood is new and still under the process of being developed. This makes the cost of real estate projects out here significantly lesser than the average real estate prices in other parts of the Greater Toronto Area. The market however has already started to see an incline and will go up shortly once all the new condo developments are in starting to take shape. Being a quiet neighborhood, it makes it ideal for people who like living in calm and serenity. This not only draws students but also elderly people. Investing here will ensure a good return on your investment as the prices of real estate are already starting to rise. You can also expect a monthly income by renting out the place for a couple of years.

Transit Options

One of the most attractive features about Rathwood is its connectivity and the arterial roadways that are associated with it. This has already been noticed by developers and are taking a step to invest their time and effort in establishing more condos in the area. Dixie Road is one such road that runs through the neighborhood and provides a direct route to the 401 Expressway as well as the Queen Elizabeth Way. This not only allows residents to travel within the city but also throughout the entire Greater Toronto Area. This neighborhood is also perpendicular to Hurontario Street, which is considered as Mississauga’s major arterial street. Commuting to and from this neighborhood is a hassle-free experience. There are public transport services also available in the neighborhood as well as in the adjacent areas.

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