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Investing in Cachet Real Estate

Indulge in relaxation on Unionville Main Street, an enchanting haven adorned with charming cafes and independent boutiques. Nestle your family in proximity to esteemed educational institutions such as Unionville High and Markham Montessori. Delight in diverse culinary experiences at Markville Shopping Centre, immerse yourself in artistic wonders at the Varley Gallery, cheer on sports heroes at the stadium, or wander through tranquil trails in Milne Park. Catchet real estate serves as your portal to a flourishing community that fulfills every desire, where the seamless blend of urban vibrancy and natural beauty creates a tapestry of belonging.

Why Buy Pre-Construction Condos In Cachet?

Cachet is an Idyllic neighbourhood in Markham, demarcated by Major Mackenzie Dr up north, Warden Ave towards the east and 16th Ave down south. The area has a healthy amount of green spaces to explore such as the family-friendly Ashton Meadows Park and Calvert Park near Macrill Crescent Pond. The nearby Angus Glen Community Centre serves the neighbourhood well with its amenities like a skating arena for the kids, swimming pools with optional lessons and a diverse genre of books in its library. Shopping lovers can spend their quality time shopping at the reputed Cachet Centre or King Square Shopping Centre.

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Entertainment & Recreation In Cachet

Cachet comes second to none as far as entertainment and recreational activities are concerned as the area is close to popular destinations like the Grandoise Cathedral of the Transfiguration with its majestic architecture that can be seen from afar. The challenging yet rewarding golf course of the nearby Angus Glen Golf Club welcomes players of all skill levels while foodies can head over to Markland St to taste various delicacies of locally reputed restaurants like 滿意粥粉面 Very Good Congee & Noodle, HK Food Station and Hana Don Japanese Cuisine & Bar.

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Average Prices for Condos in Cachet

In 2023, pre-construction condos In Markham the average selling price stood at $823 per foot. During the quarter of 2023 new condos in the 905 region of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) had a price per square foot of $1,172. In comparison the former City of Toronto had a price per foot of $1,673, which is relatively lower for Markham. By the end of 2023 the benchmark price for a resale condo in Markham reached $728,700. This represents an increase of 1.45% compared to year’s prices. The costs keep rising each year as demand grows higher. Additionally more people are opting to rent homes due to factors such as increased migration and limited affordability when it comes to purchasing properties. The city also offers job opportunities which contribute to this trend. As for rates in Markham condos they have been steady. Reached an average monthly rate of around $2,475 during the second quarter of 2023. This marks a growth rate of 24% when compared to figures, from the year. The demand for purpose built apartments has been outpacing supply leading to a decrease in vacancy rates, within Markham’s market which currently stands at just 0.6%.

Transit & Accessibility In Cachet

Transit will be the least of your worries in Cachet as the area is well served by the extensive network of the York Region Transit (YRT) with bus routes like 9, 10 and 24 which link to the neighbouring areas in the short span of 10 to 30 minutes. Unionville GO is the nearest train station which provides routine commuter services to and beyond downtown Toronto within 45 minutes to sometimes even an hour while major highways like Highway 7 and 404 make it easier to travel around with cars, giving the residents an abundance of choices when it comes to transportation.

Condos HQ | Cachet Condos
Condos HQ | Cachet Condos

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