List of New Condos in Aldershot South Neighbourhood

Investing in Aldershot South Real Estate

Investing in Aldershot South real estate emerges as a compelling opportunity. Aldershot South Park, a central green space within the community, enhances the overall quality of life and provides residents with recreational opportunities. The strategic location, with straightforward access to major routes like Plains Road and Waterdown Road, ensures convenient commuting options and connectivity to neighbouring areas. Aldershot South is also distinguished by its closeness to Hidden Valley Park, offering residents access to additional outdoor spaces. Being close to Aldershot GO Station adds to the area’s appeal, providing residents with efficient and accessible transportation options. As Aldershot South continues to be a sought-after residential enclave, investing in its real estate not only promises a comfortable living experience but also holds the potential for long-term growth and a well-rounded lifestyle near crucial amenities and landmarks.

Why Buy Pre-Construction Condos In Aldershot South?

Choosing to purchase new condos in Aldershot South brings numerous benefits, primarily due to its proximity to various nearby facilities. The location of Aldershot South offers convenient connections to major highways and transportation hubs like the Aldershot GO Station, ensuring effortless travel to neighbouring cities such as Toronto and Hamilton. Abundant shopping centers and dining options, including Mapleview Centre, cater to diverse preferences. Nature enthusiasts can relish the scenic surroundings and recreational opportunities in Aldershot South, such as the nearby LaSalle Park with its waterfront views, walking trails, and picnicking spots, as well as the renowned Royal Botanical Gardens with its stunning gardens and trails. Families appreciate the availability of quality educational institutions like Aldershot High School, Aldershot Elementary School, and Glenview Public School. The community amenities, including the Aldershot Community Pool, Aldershot Arena, and Aldershot Public Library, further enhance the appeal of this vibrant neighbourhood.

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Neighbourhood & Lifestyle In Aldershot South

Aldershot South in Burlington is a vibrant neighbourhood that seamlessly blends a rich historical heritage with a diverse and inclusive culture. With its roots tracing back to the 19th century, the area evolved from an agricultural community to a thriving urban center while preserving its historical charm. The multicultural fabric of Aldershot South is a source of pride, with residents from various backgrounds contributing to its vibrant tapestry. The neighbourhood fosters strong community engagement, with active participation in associations and volunteer organizations that strengthen the bonds among residents. The preservation of green spaces is highly valued, with parks and gardens providing serene settings for outdoor activities. Aldershot South also boasts a flourishing arts and entertainment scene, with art galleries, theaters, and performance venues showcasing local talent and attracting artists from diverse disciplines. This combination of history, cultural diversity, community engagement, green spaces, and arts and entertainment makes Aldershot South an inviting neighbourhood where residents can enjoy a fulfilling and diverse lifestyle.

Average Price of Condos in Aldershot South

In 2023, pre-construction in Burlington the average selling price for condos was $901 per foot. In the quarter of 2023 new condos in the Greater Toronto Areas 905 region had a price of $1,172 per square foot. Comparatively in the City of Toronto the average price per foot was $1,673, which is considered low for Burlington. The benchmark price for a resale condo by the end of 2023 in Burlington was $617,500. This represents an increase of 2.63% compared to year. As time goes on things tend to become more expensive and as a result more people are opting to rent homes or buy them. This shift can be attributed to factors such as an influx of residents into the area and challenges with affordability when it comes to purchasing properties alongside ample job opportunities available. Rental rates for condos in Burlington have been steady. Reached an average of around $2,195 per month during the quarter of 2023. This indicates a growth rate of 9% when compared to figures from the year. The demand for purpose built apartments has been outpacing supply leading to a decrease in vacancy rates, within Burlington’s market which currently stands at just 0.4%.

Transit & Accessibility In Aldershot South

Aldershot South in Burlington is a captivating neighbourhood that exudes a deep-rooted history, lively culture, and enviable lifestyle. The area’s past is intertwined with the Aldershot train station, a pivotal hub in its growth, and The West Plains Bistro, formerly the Great Western Railway Station, showcases its architectural heritage. The community thrives on a strong sense of togetherness, with residents actively engaging in events organized by the Aldershot Village BIA. Cultural heritage is celebrated through the Ireland House Museum, enlightening visitors about the region’s Irish heritage, while the Burlington Performing Arts Centre offers a diverse array of cultural performances. Nature lovers can revel in the picturesque LaSalle Park, with its lakeside vistas and recreational amenities, while the nearby Royal Botanical Gardens offers serene gardens and informative programs. The convenience of Mapleview Centre’s shopping, dining, and entertainment options further enriches the neighbourhood, and families benefit from excellent educational institutions like Aldershot High School and Glenview Public School. Aldershot South epitomizes a harmonious blend of history, community, outdoor splendor, and accessible amenities, fostering a captivating environment and fulfilling experiences for its residents.

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