Solar Power Panels

By Digital Aptech - Oct 28,2022

Solar Panels are a module made up of photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electricity. This process of converting solar energy into energy is called the photovoltaic effect. There are several types of photovoltaic cells available but the most common and widely used type of photovoltaic cell is composed of silicon, phosphorus, and boron.

The Need For Installing Solar Power in Homes:

1. One of the biggest reasons behind the adoption of solar power in Ontario is that Hydro Pricing is pretty high in Ontario, it is almost the third highest in the country. After installing solar power you can generate your own electricity and reduce the electricity cost. The highest price of electricity in Ontario is $20.8 c/kWH. Seasonal increases and decreases in heating and cooling cause a 60% increase in electricity which means during summer and winter heating and cooling devices are working overtime.

2. Installment cost of solar panels has been reduced to 50% over the years which makes it cost-effective to install in homes. As per solar net-metering t&c, if the net consumption for a period is 0 or in credit, you can get rid of delivery charges.

3. Compared to the other cities of Canada, Ontario gets pretty decent sunlight throughout the years. This helps in generating electricity through the solar panel.

4. Another reason for installing solar panels is that the Ontario government is running a plan named ” A healthy environment and a healthy economy”. It is an initiative towards strengthening the economy by influencing house owners to take a step forward for energy-efficiency upgradation.

5. It is also an initiative towards improving the situation of climate change for the country by reducing carbon dioxide released to the environment.

In a nutshell, a solar panel in homes saves money, lowers utility costs, and increases property value.

Space needed for the installation: Simple calculation involved in finding the space is

Space required = size of system/ size of panel* physical size of the panel

The Average Cost of Implementing The Solar Panel System: Average cost of implementing a solar system can be calculated by the size of the system* average cost of installing solar systems in Ontario.

Ground Solar Panel Installation: This way of installing solar panels is a little more costly than the roof. The ground panel is more efficient. It can be placed at the optimal angle to avoid shading. It has a better life.

Roof Solar Panel Installation: Roof panel is comparatively cost-effective. Before doing roof panel installation, you need to make sure that the roof should be at least 10 years old. East and west-facing roofs are very good while north-facing roots are not greater. The roof needs to have a 30-40 degree slant.

For average-sized homes in Ontario 20 panels are more than enough.

Factors Affecting Solar Panel Cost in Ontario:

There are two major factors for the solar panel cost increase.
The size of the solar equipment matters a lot in increasing the cost, so choose the system wisely. If you want to buy an efficient system then you have to pay more money than an affordable one but it will be effective in the long run.

Solar panel installation companies play a vital role in deciding the installation cost. Choose wisely. Go with the nationalized brands for better product quality and cheaper prices because of the reputation.

Solar power panels are the ultimate way of generating electricity in Ontario. This saves us from high hydro rates, cleans the environment, and saves money. It gives a certain amount of independence also. It is renewable. Maintenance cost is quite low. Due to all such good impacts on the society and environment, this has been an inevitable process.

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