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By Digital Aptech - Dec 30,2022

The City of Pickering is set to see a huge amount of development in the coming years. There are only two questions: “how much development exactly?” and “where will it all go?”. Fortunately for homebuyers looking for relatively affordable real estate near Toronto, there will be a ton of options. Look out for both new pre-construction single family detached homes and new pre-construction condos in Pickering.

Pickering is a suburb that shares Toronto and York Region’s eastern boundary. When someone touts the benefits of Pickering, it is frequently remarked on just how much open, green, natural space the city contains. But given the rate of population growth in the General Toronto Area and the crisis of affordability, how long could this situation really last? People are desperate for different types of housing and Pickering is well located to provide it. 

Pickering is basically divided into two sections: the southern end of Pickering is largely developed, albeit in a very spaced out and suburban manner. The northern half of Pickering is largely undeveloped and much of this land was thought to remain safely a part of Ontario’s protected “Greenbelt” until recently. But thanks to Doug Ford’s government, it looks as though, at least on some of this land, many new pre-construction single family homes will be found in the coming years.

The southern half of Pickering is, believe it or not, only a slightly less controversial question. Last year a Youtube video made by a suave local real estate agent went viral pushing the line that seventy five new pre-construction condo towers were in the works for Pickering. For context, keep in mind that Pickering is a relatively sleepy suburb with few high-rise condos. Neighbouring Ajax has one third of Pickering’s land and a greater population and Pickering doesn’t even have a central downtown area (although that is set to change). As it turned out, only about twenty of the seventy five projects are imminent. That said, the local debate provoked by the video testified to the fact that Pickering is changing very quickly. 

So where exactly will all this development be going? One area of Pickering that is ripe for development is Kingston Road. This legendary General Toronto Area thoroughfare cuts straight through Pickering’s southern half just north of Highway 401 and is largely untroubled by high-rise development. Do you think that such a well connected location might attract a bunch of development in a city region where there is pent up demand? Not to mention that in this area of Pickering residents are just minutes drive from the local GO Station.

The Highmark is a new pre-construction condo development by Highmark Homes Inc. in Pickering. This statement development is located at 1640 Kingston Road and will feature 346 condo units. The design of the project was undertaken by Kohn Partnership Architects and will come complete with haute interiors and plentiful amenities. Residents of this wonderful development will have access to a remarkable lifestyle. Just across Kingston Road is Diana Princess of Wales Park.

Pickering City Centre Condos is a new pre construction condo development in Pickering located at 1355 Kingston Rd, Pickering. This soaring tower, one amongst a number in Pickering’s future downtown-to-be, will amount to fifty storeys and sport a beautiful facade thanks to its designer, architectsAlliance. Pickering City Centre Condos prime location already serves up a great Walk Score and this part of Pickering will only get more walkable over time. If you want to make your home in downtown Pickering you’re in the right place at CondosHQ.

Another area of Pickering that is set to see plenty of new pre-construction condos in the future is Brock Road. Unlike Pickering’s other major autoroutes, Brock Road extends all the way to the north end of the city and therefore will not cause a huge amount of disruption when it comes to the location of new pre-construction condos. Expect plenty of new pre-construction condos and single family homes near Brock Road as Pickering comes into its own.

The Grand at Universal City Condos is a new pre-construction condo development by Chestnut Hill Developments in Pickering. This new condo will be a part of the wider Universal City master plan. One of the main selling points of this massive development is that it will have dedicated retail and commercial space at the ground level, meaning easy access to consumer options for residents and a consequent community feel. This development will also feature countless other luxurious amenities for residents to take advantage of.

Seaton Mulberry Homes is a new pre-construction development of fully detached homes located at Alexander Knox Road and Mulberry Lane in Pickering. This is a one-of-a-kind development by Mattamy Homes, an experienced builder who has undertaken projects in the city of Pickering multiple times before. This is an opportunity to live the semi-rural lifestyle of your dreams while buying into the General Toronto Area housing market at an affordable level. 

Another major new pre-construction condo development in Pickering is VuPoint Condos 2. This project is located in the heart of downtown Pickering, a soon to be thriving and vibrant locale. VuPoint Condos 2 has a notable walk score for a suburban tower ringing in at 76/100. Residents will be a short walk away from a series of shopping, dining and entertainment facilities including the Pickering Town Centre. This development will be steps away from Pickering GO and a miniscule drive from Highway 401.

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