Sir Elton John Invests $16 Million In a New Condo In Downtown Toronto!

By Digital Aptech - Oct 07,2022

Sir Elton’s choice to invest 16 million dollars into downtown Toronto is a positive sign for all new pre-construction condo developments in the city center. The last twenty years has seen the heavy concentration of housing and economic activity in “Downtown Canada”. This is thanks to the overwhelming presence of transit and highly paid employment in the area. While Toronto is known for having copious cranes in the sky, they simply can’t keep up with demand.

No matter the current fluctuation in the General Toronto Area housing market, high quality downtown real estate like King Toronto is very likely to generate healthy returns in the long run. Not only is Toronto the finance, real estate, legal and media capital of Canada but it’s increasingly a center for tech employment. The Rocket Man is a legendary, world famous and ultra-wealthy artist. He’s seen the entire world and could buy real estate anywhere he likes. If King Toronto is good enough for him then it’s worth consideration for any discerning buyer.

Without exaggeration, King Toronto is a unique project for Toronto. It represents an attempt to embrace the streetscape and heritage scale of downtown Toronto’s streetcar mainstreets while building something spectacular that will attract the high end of demand. Most impressively of all, the development comes with the promise of creating street level community, not only between the residents but within the interior courtyard of the building through at grade retail and the staging of events.

Imagine starting your day near the top of a mountain of opaque glass and natural features, emerging on your five storey high but tree shaded balcony, waving at your similarly perched friend across the development, glancing down at the lively pace of King St. below and then easing down to the interior courtyard for a bite to eat. This is the integrated fantasy lifestyle that King Toronto aims to make possible. It’s not for everyone, but even if you’re not the target market, I’m sure you’ll understand how this has become Toronto’s most coveted address.

This is Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 updated to the 21st century, the similarities are there but the differences are reflective. Safdie’s brutal modernist concrete style is gone and it’s been replaced with glass of varying opacity in homage to Paris’s Maison de Verre. This aesthetic of transparency mirrors the digital age and will create Toronto’s greatest landmark of mutual people watching and comparison. The idiosyncrasies of the project, its chameleon-like materials and the 600ft of King St. frontage it inhabits mean that onlookers will never encounter the same building twice.

And we haven’t even mentioned the architect. The vision speaks for itself but in case you didn’t know this is a Bjarke Ingels project. The Danish wunderkind has an incredible catalog on which to draw but King Toronto still stands apart. King Toronto combines the monumental signature needed from a “starchitect” like Ingels with his demonstrated sensitivity for creating cozy communities. In this case he’s embraced the scale and intricacies of the local area by opening the building’s central courtyard to the street at midblock and connecting the project to King St.’s back alleys.

Truly, this is a new Toronto condo development like no other. The 6ix has long been known for its homogenized style of building that makes heavy use of glass as a construction material. King Toronto could play spoiler to all of the city’s pre-existing glass development because it is set to show what the material was capable of the entire time. Other nearby developments will tower over but not overpower King Toronto. The design of this development and the context it creates will be singular.

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